6:6 Gateway- Babaji Tune In


Activation Meditation
Recorded Live June 6th, 2023
Length 53 Minutes
Replay/Download include Video, edited mp3 audio and full written transcript



Join us for a special Babaji and Kriya Tune In through the 6:6 Gateway event. Babaji initiated the Kriya Yoga lineage, of which great swan Yogananda was a disciple. He has been holding sacred meditative space for humanity for a couple thousand earth years. 6 is a number of love and service and contains two balanced sacred 3 numbers, which represents Trinity within the Oneness. Babaji, Yogananda (who brought yoga to the West and Yeshua work closely together.

Babaji = Revered father
Kriya = Purposeful Intention

We will do a spontaneous guided meditation into the Babaji temple space and Cave In The Heart on the higher inner planes. Be prepared for a possible “initiation” of your 3rd Eye and Kundalini. It is suggested to do a detox bath, some fasting perhaps, some sunshine and a wet or infrared sauna before this event (applies to ancestors and pets also). A profound healing crisis (positive) may occur after the event for a short duration. Re-birthing experiences are common with this energy and shakti-pat. Life-altering changes will occur when one is fully open to receiving in the heart.

When thy Eye is single, the body will be full of Light

Activations are evergreen and live and will run in the background as needed until complete. Benefits are cumulative, ongoing and work in accordance with one’s belief and trust in Self. Always drink water after receiving. Allow “downtime” after each activation for proper and easy physical body integration. Get fresh air and put your feet on the ground. The New Earth will appreciate that, as will the Elementals and Fairies. Dolphins and whales also.

Your ancestors and family members are welcome to attend as are your pets. See you there!