8:8:8 Lionsgate Star Gate Presentation + Activation


1 Hour 20 minutes Audio MP3 – Presentation + Activation
Crystal Visions, Hendersonville, NC
Date of recording: 8:8:19


This gateway is an access point for the influx of cosmic level energies that are only given at this time of year from the star councils who oversee the evolution and ascension processes of humanity and Gaia.

The emergence of the divine feminine anchoring with the divine masculine and the releasing of old thought paradigms will be central to this spontaneous presentation. Your divine connection with your beloved counterparts will be enhanced and magnetized in divine right timing. Some of your divine level DNA codes will be activated as will more of your healing and teaching codes.

Physical, emotional and mental shifts will be supported during and after this event. Many changes are possible in this sacred space of possibility. We, as a group consciousness, can create miracles of transformation as we gather in the NOW to create our NOW future. This 8:8 activation is preparation for the 8:8 2020 Stargate.

What You Get

  • MP3 Audio 1 hour 20 minutes
  • Full Lionsgate Presentation
  • Lionsgate Activation Meditation