Acceleration into Quantum Awesome – Celestial Activation


Originally Broadcasted Monday, January 5th, 2015.
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Acceleration into Quantum Awesome!

Monday, January 5th – 3pm PST

I personally invite you to join me in this auspicious full moon activation that can carry you through the whole new year. An auspicious event will be occurring that will accelerate your spiritual evolution to new heights and depths never before seen on the planet.

A portal will be open on January 4th that will bring in pure truth energy – a vibration you can ride into the higher dimensions of consciousness and creativity. It is a wave of pure light that one can directly align with and embody during these times of great change.

Your benefits will be many: uplifting of the heart into the heavenly realms, getting back your unlimitedness and divine purpose, deepening of your ascension codes, healing of the apparent separation with creator, enhancement of unity consciousness and the transcending of collective tribal consciousness of fear, suffering, limitation and illusion. The earth matrix is being re-organized and re-calibrated into full christ (love) consciousness.

We are be building the new earth of L.O.V.E. – Living One Vibrational Energy.

The activation will be 45 minutes.

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