Journey Into Joy


11 Life Changing Activations
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A Life Changing Experience — 11 Life Changing Activations

Transcriptions of each activation are available.

Journey to Joy with Kenji Kumara as he reveals an all new Activation Series that helps you discover your magnificence and unique expression of your divine self. Discover glorious breakthroughs and step into a higher awareness, a calm state of being and expansion, and express this through your leadership and business capabilities. With both ease and grace, Kenji  assists you to step into a higher state of consciousness and bliss and leads you to bask in the sunshine of the highest beings, divine realms and helpful masters.

Become infused with more tranquility, peace, clarity and life-force energy. Expect an easy transformational shift and experience success in business, leadership and all areas of your life that you may desire to experience joyful success and feel more victorious than ever before.

Kenji’s activations have assisted in bringing forth more joy into the lives of countless people and now they are made available for your personal use and empowerment.

Miraval Activation #1 PURE JOY

This is specifically for those ready to move from a place of procrastination, hesitation and the need to analyze, to a place of more spontaneity, more knowing and more being-ness. It’s for all those who are ready to let go of their defences and willing to take a chance. All those now ready will take a step into the unknown and experience clarity and full support from the realms of light, divine helpers and soul team members. Get ready to Experience Pure Joy.

Miraval Activation #2 CELESTIAL MASTERY

For all those that are ready for DIVINE RIGHT TIMING specifically with their business, their healing arts practice, and daily life, you will love this activation. If you are involved in endeavours that are  associated with helping humanity and the earth get ready for miraculous unfolding. Relax the body, bring forth the powerful energies from the earth and immerse yourself into the very soothing frequencies of the quantum as we prepare to Experience Celestial Mastery.

(sound quality low, our apologies)

This is for anyone who may have had some early childhood experience(s) that were not not so pleasant, that you perhaps felt you had to shut down a bit from your personality and your soul vibration to fit into the world. This is anyone ready to raise their self esteem, their abilities and perception of themselves to the level of which they really are, and showcase their true Magnificence.

Miraval Activation #4 YOUR GIFTS OF GLORY

This is for all of you that are struggling with ancestor patterns, whether they came from the wars, internment camps, displacement, from a culture, a status, or from a particular country. This is for all of you that feel estranged from your culture, the culture that your physical body represents. And this is for those feeling incomplete with a place, a country, this world, a religion, or even spirituality or religion. Anyone, who has ever felt abused culturally, socially, or economically will benefit and clear. In this activation you will ground with the earth and tap into the sacred heart space behind your physical heart and feel the stillness as you become it. Move way beyond the mind, transcend the body, and know you are safe. Allow yourself to move within the realm of your own spirit and from this beautiful place within the oneness, you are going to understand this place of healing and oneness. When you are ready, allow the frequencies to move forward, and embody Your Gifts of Glory.


This is for all those that are experiencing uncertainty or self doubt, regarding a myriad of  things, whether it be relationships, spiritual pathways, personal evolution, even business, career and next steps. May this assist you with coming to terms with people in your life, your roles and all and any unresolved past events. Let’s breathe in the light, relax the body and explore the Infinite Possibilities in the quantum.

Miraval Activation #6 ANGELS OF PEACE

In our next activation, we will address those areas in your life where you may feel separated or a sense of void.  This is for all of you that feel in your own way a separation, this may be a  disconnect from people, from the way society works, even from your own inner connectedness. We call upon the helping angels in this attunement and activate the areas in the brain that have to do with receiving signals from source, primarily through the ajna center and the crown chakra. Connect without effort to the still point and the sacred heart. Acknowledge your presence, and know you are not your emotions, breathe and receive assistance from the Angels of Peace.


Invoke the Pillars of Light and feel the cocooning of love as we call forth your helpers, Guides, Angels, Masters, Gaia, the brotherhoods and sisterhoods of light and your star-nation connections. Take a breath in and out and breathe out horizontally with the figure 8 flow, feel yourself expand all the way across the planet, feel your magnetic field stretching. Let go of all considerations of why life is not working and breathe in the power of love and allowance into your timeline. Proclaim now that you are free of all illusions in any place or any plane and proclaim to align to only that which is true in the mind of God.


This activation is for those that are truly choosing to be fully present now with their bodies and on the earth plane. This is very relevant, for anyone really wanting to feel accepted in this world, or for those who may be questioning if they really want to be a part of this earth community. It’s for those who are working through apathy, and any levels of resistance to being fully present here. It is for those who desire to move beyond boredom, beyond complacency and who truly want to ride the wave of inspiration. Become motivated in a joyous way, fulfil your life purpose and live Life Free From Illusion.

Miraval Activation #9 EMPOWERED BEING

This activation is for those who are apparently having a hard time feeling joy and love and are working way too hard to maintain some kind of survival status on the earth. This is for those of you who are really ready to de-stress, and feel free of your stuff. Are you ready to be strong in the world, to be able to overcome hopelessness and depression? Are you ready to have a sense of real purpose in your life? If you said yes then you are ready to move past the fear of the unknown, take your next step and move past the feeling of being abandoned. We invite you now, to step into the now, allow your  soul to be the driver of your lightship and become an Empowered Being.

Miraval Activation #10 KNOW THY KINGDOM

In this culmination activation, we bring together the previous nine. And it is especially relevant for all those ready to begin the integration of the heavenly realms, the physical, the light and dark, the masculine and the feminine, and the inner and the outer. We will share in an energetic overview, that will be rather quick, because we are coming from our knowing in this attunement. The process that we share with you is one of relaxation as we explore the cave of the heart together and Know Thy Kingdom.

Miraval Activation #11 ENCHANTED NEUTRALITY

This last activation is to tie up any loose ends and to complete this series for you to feel fully satisfied, it is like having the most delicious meal at your favorite restaurant. We are going to do the dessert level now. You will have a new found reference point in the now, we will refer to this universal love frequency as Enchanted Neutrality. You can be a part of this, it exists right along side the chaos, it is in the quantum, and not effected by space, time, or distance. It is a moving still-point if you will. It’s all the love that has ever been created by anybody that has ever been here, it’s the morphogenetic field, the Christ field. We could just call it the oneness, that you are a part of anyway. So imagine now you are the balancer of your polarity and with practice you will master this level of expansion.

These activations were recorded live at Miraval Arizona Resort & Spa in Arizona.