Planetary Light Meditation 16


Activation Meditation
MP3 Audio + Video
52 Minutes


As we continue to evolve the planetary light transmissions into deeper levels of the Quantum, we will be preparing for the cosmic event that will take place on the winter solstice 2020.

As the post election chaos continues to affect the psyche of humanity, we now have the opportunity to clear the shadows of our ancestry as we help humanity to also clear the density of the collective shadows of their past earth incarnations. The cleansing of the earth continues on the inner planes of consciousness in spite of the shadow resistance that is being brought forth into the light of compassion.

The divine rays of our central sun is intensifying as it brings forward the alignment necessary for the establishment of new earth and 5D consciousness.

In today’s spontaneous transmission from the inner planes of transformation, we will journey deeper into the individual and collective shadows of unconsciousness as we choose to awaken to our full potential as spiritual beings having an earth experience through a human body. Today can be the day of great change within, as we tap into our empowerment as wayshowers of the light.

Join us for another powerful experience as we reclaim our christhood and our right to be here on the planet to help usher in the Aquarian Age of peace and harmony. As always, we will do a cleaning activation for the planet and all those in distress and confusion, working with the angelics and earth alliance as we bring forth the Power of 8, the infinity power from Alpha and Omega.

Your pets and ancestors are most welcome to attend.

This Recording is Evergreen – Recorded Live Nov 8, 2020 10AM Pacific 1PM Eastern USA