Planetary Light Meditation VI


MP3 Meditation 1 Hour


A Special Event: An inter-dimensional planetary meditation for harmony, truth and peace

In our continuing Planetary Light Meditation series, this call will further deepen the effects of the previous meditations and help support the clearing of the pathway to wholeness and oneness. Many medical professionals are experiencing burnout, overwhelm, anxiety, depression, extreme stress and doubts about their future, on many levels as a result of the post Lock down. You could say it is a form of PTSD resulting from the limitations imposed upon society and the workplace. We will address these issues and provide quantum level support and inspiration to not give up and continue to move forward along your path of initiation.

In addition, family and career issues are arising which adds to the emotional stress of this unique time in our history. These issues will also be addressed. We will also incorporate an inter-dimensional planetary meditation for harmony, truth and peace.

Join us for a unique spontaneous transmission from the group mind and the collective Oversoul of those in attendance. All are welcome, including your pets and ancestors.

Recorded live Sunday, June 14th at 2PM Eastern / 11AM Pacific