Portals To Peace Activation


MP3 Activation
1 hour 20 minutes


Kenji will lead you every step of the way into loving, higher vibrational frequencies. Allow the attributes of harmony and grace to envelop you and magnify your luminous light.

In this deep inner-state of peace, accessed with ease, you will flow in tranquil space-less-ness. Through your I AM presence and innate knowing you will rediscover the deep stillness within. You will access all abilities allowing you to approach, open and explore the “Portal to Peace”.

Are Seemingly Large Obstacles Appearing to Hold You Back From Living a Peaceful Life? Obstacles can be considered distractions and sometimes feel chaotic. These are the subconscious barriers preventing you from manifesting a life of peace. This simple but profound activation can help melt away the fears and resistances that lie within you and once they are gone your resistance to life loses its hold and you and your life is turned into one that embraces more peace.

Are You Ready to Enter The “Portal to Peace”? Most practices have techniques or rules of engagement, but Kenji believes in the keep it easy approach. Stop, pause and relax into the energy of source and connect together in peace. Prepare a quiet sacred space where there will be no interruptions or distractions and drink plenty of water. The Art is in the Allowing.

How Does It Work? An exhilarating online group experience is powerful and magical. As you listen in a relaxed place, Kenji uses his experience and gifts to create the sacred space and connections to the divine helpers. By accessing the “Quantum Energy” and using the intention of peace through divine grace, we simply allow and receive. Your innate knowing and ability to relax into the activation is the “How”.

A Note from Kenji:

“We hope to have you join us on November 11th live but if you only access the recorded replay of this Activation, just know, it is just as powerful and will continue to divinely assist you into entering the “Portal to Peace”.

Quantum Blessings;

Kenji & The Bliss Team

Imagine your most peaceful self

As a wave of awakening sweeps across the planet, emotions are stirring and chaotic events show-up and surface more frequently than ever. Don’t you wish you could stop the chaos and confusion so you can focus on what really matters? Are you tired of living in a whirlwind? Do you want to overcome your fearful emotions and live your life in more peace and harmony?

In this activation event Kenji Kumara will lead you into you, where peace and joy reside. This vibrational frequency of peace is where you feel best and desire to play-out with ease in your life, everyday and all of the time.

The activation is downloadable and will be there for you to listen to again and again. Show-up in your life in this vibrational always, shining as a brand new you. Joyfully harmonious experiences will continue to appear in your life more often, with more ease. It is that easy!

Kenji is a catalyst of change and acts as a bridge to the realms of divinity, which are waiting to assist you. When you answer their call and ask for help, they show up as an entourage of pure love and light.  Kenji uses a technique of knowing intent and opens himself as a clear channel, so you can simply relax in silence. Feel the love and divine assistance bathe your etheric bodies while guiding you further and further into peaceful temples.

This live activation is a liberating experience for your mind, body & soul, leaving you fluid and open for more peace and joy in your life.

When two or more are gathered, especially in a group brought together (even on the internet), to share in enlightenment and focus on a positive attribute, such as peace, the power of the collective intent will often lead to amplified and sometimes surprising results. It can be miraculous.

If you would like to be a part of this transformational online event with Kenji and access the “Portals to Peace” then please RSVP NOW and reserve your place.
“See what Participants of Kenji’s Previous On-line Events have to Say:”

“Thank you Kenji so very, very much. After listening… I feel great! I went from sick and anxious to so peaceful and health improved a lot. I do not know how he does what he does, but Kenji has a way of getting through to me. Thank you for all you have done.”  – Pamela B.

“The attitude of gratitude is up BIG time … how perfect is this?”  –Karen S.

“Awesome activation!!! “Felt” soooo much! Was flying! Will definitely be listening again and again! Thank you, thank you, thank you Kenji!!!”   –Karen P.

Recorded Tuesday, November 11, 2014