Quantum Meditation New Moon Activation


Originally Broadcast on Wednesday, April 26, 2017
Includes edited MP3 download/replay
56 Min 21 Sec


You are graciously invited to join us for this new moon meditation. This will be a spontaneous transmission into the Quantum field of stillness, the void of all possibility, into the heart of creation. The theme for this meditation will be advancement forward in your ability to go within and access your source energy for manifesting your desired reality. There may be extended periods of deep silence for the brain and heart to receive the blessings.

Many changes are afoot. We are being challenged to create a new reality, a new way of being in the world, a new way of perception and feeling. This meditation will bring you fresh new energy for your movement into the summer months. Let’s spring forth into new beginnings.

All are welcome to join, for when many are gathered with one focus and intention, anything is possible. If you are seeking more peace in your life; more abundance to ease your survival concerns; better relationships; soul family connection; improved health; healing of past memories; enhanced meditation experiences; greater connection with source – then this event will assist in the above areas.

We encourage the 3 P’s – practice, patience and passion. Over time, this leads to self mastery of the physical plane.

Please send this to your friends, family and peers. We suggest listening to this event in small groups, for that builds power and light that easily spreads out into your neighborhood and community. Pets and babies are always welcome.

Blessings, Kenji

Feedback from Recent Online Activations

“Kenji Thank you for the 2017 meditation last night. I felt woozy, on a high by the end. but it’s this morning that the effect truly impacted me. On waking with my eyes still closed, I felt light, as if I was light. Saw everything in fractals of light behind my eyelids. If my eyes weren’t closed, all was so bright, I would have had to squint. I felt connected to all through space in light and out of time and most importantly for me, and I guess I was ready, I saw the mass of darkness and cords severed, dissolved removed and drifting away into the light. Then when I opened my eyes, as a being of light, I saw everything refracting light too. Oh that made me feel so joyful and free. Yep, your assistance has definitely bumped me up a notch energy wise. Thank you thank you thank. My heart to yours Kenji.” 

– Catherine

“I love Kenji’s work. Both his teachings and his guided meditations have such authenticity and integrity, and are always offered with his special playful humor.  (He never takes himself too seriously which, to me, is a mark of a true teacher.) I especially appreciate how consistently and masterfully he creates a sacred space and then guides us so smoothly and easily into deep meditation in the Quantum. Thank you, Kenji! You are a such a gift to us!”

– Susan S.