Sturgeon Full Moon – Rewriting Agreements


Sturgeon Full Moon – Rewriting Agreements
Recorded August 11, 2022
Activation Meditation
Audio + Video Instant Download
Length 46 minutes
Early Bird till August 8



In today’s unique evergreen presentation, we will take a deep dive into rewriting some of your most basic agreements that were created in the old matrix of karma, birth, death, and rebirth. We are moving out of and away from the old ways of thinking, believing, behaving, and doing into the new matrix of conscious evolution. Our DNA holds the memories and imprints of past agreements and vows that were made from a state of separation, fear, doubt, lack, worry, and distrust. It is now time to release the influences of this old 3D-4D matrix and move our awareness and creativity into the Zone of freedom, Choice, and Abundance.

It is time to reclaim, re-own, and rediscover our true heritage and innate divinity. What is created in separation stays in separation. What is created in divinity lasts forever and contributes to the ongoing flow of Oneness and Unity. By bringing our core misbeliefs and misguided agreements made by the ego in separation into the field of Universal Love, we heal our miscreations and emotional pain and mental suffering through our state of Being and by the Grace and Blessings from the Creator. We move from doing to Being and from effort to stillness and divine balance.

Join us for another spectacular full moon event where you will be supported and assisted by the Elemental Kingdom, The Unicorns and the Spiritual Hierarchy, and Inner Earth Star councils. Your Inner Child is encouraged to attend as well as your relevant past lives and alternative realities, past, present, and future. Your pets and ancestors are most welcome to attend. Drink plenty of water beforehand.