Best of Healing Activations Package

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*Heal it All* Over-Coming The Obstacles To Peace
1 hour 4 min

In this 65-minute attunement, Kenji transmits the Divine Shakti, or Oneness vibrational that empowers you to overcoming challenges to achieve inner peace. He taught a new form of electro-magnetic grounding that brings your body’s still point into harmony and balance with the zero point field within the core of the Earth.

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* Finally Joy! * Eclipsing Your Inner Shadows
1 hour 1 min

Come join me in meditation as we deeply reflect upon the patterns going on in our lives and how these unconscious imprints have affected us on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. We will tap into the energies of the lunar eclipse and full moon to assist us in this journey within.

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* Manifest Desires * Eclipsing Your Future Possibilities
59 min

Join Kenji as we use the power of the solar eclipse and new moon to map out our future potentials and possibilities. During this spontaneous transmission of the divine Shakti, we will explore future timelines of manifestation for your soul path and destiny.

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* Feel Happy Again!* Transmuting Loss and Grief
58 min 14 sec

This Activation on Transmuting Loss and Grief (from any point in your timeline) is nothing short of amazing and definitely ALCHEMY! If you want results that feel like a seemingly magical process has happened because you will feel a shift, this activation is it!

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* You Are Perfect! * The Need For Perfection
59 min 04 sec

In this one-hour spontaneous transmission from the quantum, we’ll journey into the realms of our “need for perfection”, of being something we’re not. We’ll tap into hidden places in our conditioning where we bought the false belief that we’re not perfect and hence, we strive to be achieve a state of perfection.

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*You Are A Bright Beam of Light * Healing Shame And Regret
54 min 37 sec

In this one hour high frequency experience, we will get in touch with our emotional body and the impressions and conditioning held within the dna which is holding the blame game, shame on me and I regret it kind of thing.

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Moving On
58 min 23 sec

In this one hour activation, we will uncover the hidden unconscious beliefs and emotions that keep us tied up, stress out and limited to the cultural, religious and societal concepts that do not work anymore. We will bring into the light of understanding of how we can move forward with renewed vitality and energy into the next phase of our lives.

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11:11 Portal: Raising Consciousness
55 min 25 sec

Kenji’s 11:11 Raising Consciousness activation invokes Prime Source to shower you with a rainbow waterfall of light to wash over you as you allow your subtle bodies to realign.  This flow from your I Am, The Lord God of your Being will soothe and cleanse your emotional body and harmonize and purify your systems.

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Healing Trauma
56 min 15 sec

In this one hour activation, we will bring forth a quantum understanding and comprehension of what it would be like to live in a world of love, peace, cooperation and balance. You will have an opportunity to begin to clear out all the old baggage, density and constriction of the old world in order to bring in the NEW, your future possibilities of your Soul.

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Transcending Addictions
57 min 16 sec

In this one hour activational transmission, we will journey deep in the psyche and ancestral patterns to unlock and free up the frozen inner child so it can be free of it’s unconscious restraints. We will have the vibrational opportunity to release our addictive patterns into the light of compassion and understanding so our personality can become balanced and harmonized with the soul.

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Navigating Beyond The Chaos 4-Part Class

This 4-part series promises to be a very powerful quantum level application of the spiritual energies that are ready to come into your life. The benefits of this series can last for years to come, for we are in the midst of a profound transition period. You will have the knowing and knowledge to move beyond any obstacles in your life if you apply the teachings and do your daily homework. This series can serve as a guidebook for your journey Home.

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12:12 Portal: Higher Dimensions
57 min 36 sec

In this one-hour activation, we will tap into the power of the 12th dimension as a reference point for future meditations. Our brain and body as a whole, has to get used to higher dimensional flows and activations, so little steps are necessary before we can take a bigger leap of faith into the unknown, the void, the deeper stillness of Being and Presence.

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Meditation with Jesus and Mary
53 min 22 sec

We will bring through an energetic teaching download from Yeshua and a healing upload from Mary in this one-hour enhanced frequency presentation. Be prepared for some deep changes and shifts in consciousness and body. The activation will be given according to your level of trust, acceptance and allowance.

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Full Body Integration
57 min 11 sec

We will journey together into those areas of unconscious resistance to change and self healing. We have an opportunity to bring forward from our shadow aspect those experiences that have been frozen in time so we can thaw them out and bring love to them. Healing then occurs. We will use the rays and color therapy as tools for your integration.

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Keys To Your Kingdom
Self Help Activation

This self help event is for anyone desiring to find and embrace their success signature in a climate of trust and loving support. Young and old alike are invited – no matter your cultural, religious or spiritual path. The activation will support where ever you are at, and help move you to the next level of spiritual awakening into Eternal Peace and well being.

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Clearing The 4 Major Archetypes
This amazing activation unlocks the 4 Archetypes that influence all of us:  the Inner Child, the Saboteur, the Prostitute, and the Victim.  You will receive healing for all aspects ready to shift, so that they will no longer affect you in any negative way.  Kenji sets the protocol for Quantum Lightweaving®, allowing you to journey deep into the Quantum field, where healing takes place.

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Sparkling Lights, Dancing Lights!
1 hour

This is an energy transformation for all of you that are single, in a relationship, about to enter into a relationship, and all lovers of love. This spontaneous activation will attend to your personal needs and visions of what you are attracting to you as well as enhancing the love that is already within you.

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