Immersion Into Transformation Fulfillment

Emerging-from-the-Shadows-Retreat Program includes over 2 Hours of Activations and healing music

Activation 1: Reset your System

Join us on this first activation of the Series. You will be guided through a relaxation centering process allowing you to become one with where you are and where you need to focus on transforming.

Relish in this wonderful relaxation process guiding you along with light and love to reach your new vibrations. Connect with your own Divine Guides and Angels to assist you on your path. Reset your system, relax and enjoy as you recalibrate to your purpose, your destiny!

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Activation 2: Symphony of Light

In this activation, you will be greeted by Anda’s Tibetan Singing Bowls. Enjoy this celestial music vibration and activation to connect you to your true inner self. You will receive a full body embracing of light and love helping to join your inner male and female pieces together, healing you to the core and beyond. Picking up all the pieces from any part of you that is missing and Milling you with amazing knowledge and love.

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Activation 3: Clearing Family Karma

Release all your connections and ties while you travel on a wonderful spiritual journey to reconnect with your ancestors. Clear past trauma and karmic issues associated with your family, alive and passed. Help rid and release stored Karma, which may be embedded in your DNA and genes. This deep activation can heal old wounds and distress in your system from this and other life times.

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Activation 4: Deep Transformation

As you are greeted with Anda’s singing bowls again we continue our journey of transformation. Push forward into your core spirit and release all attachments while you focus on your realm of infinite possibilities.

Surrounded once again by your loved ones, this activation connects you to the council of light to reach your cosmic heart space. Guiding you through deep transformation allowing you to be ready to receive all the vibrational frequencies need for this change. You will also receive a wonderful powerful protection healing in this session.

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Activation 5: Letting Go

In this session you will integrate all four prior activations, and allow remaining issues to be released. Detach yourself from all chaos and issues that are yours, as well as others, while you focus on your core inner being and your creative self. Letting go of all the beliefs that spiritual growth only comes from painful experiences or trauma and conflict.

Allow yourself to now progress in a beautiful, empowering way where you have the ability to become all that you were brought here to be.

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