This series contains; 12 Kenyon Ranch Attunements and Descriptions from the first ever Combo Level Training 1 & 2; a “Live Activation Event” offered in Tubac, Arizona USA; February 28th to March 05th, 2013

The Transcendence Series

The activations that were recorded in these LIVE events are available now for your spiritual development and transformation.  Kenji’s attunements have literally changed the lives of countless participants and are now made available for your personal use and empowerment.

If you are eagerly ready to consciously experience the full expression of Eternal Peace in every quantum moment and every cell and particle of your Being, then you are going to love Kenji’s new series recorded live and first  released November 2013.  Say yes to have a conscious union with Source and Embody Your Spiritual Vibration in service to yourself and humanity.

This LIVE Master Series Intensive Event offered through Quantum Lightweaving® took place in Tubac Arizona USA at Kenyon Ranch in the Spring of 2013 and offered a select group of individuals the opportunity to connect with Kenji Kumara in a whole new way. Welcome the gift of your direct connection to spirit and unlimited possibility through this transformative Master Series Intensive series and dive into the quantum while connecting into the INFINITE expansion of you.

Combination 1 & 2 Master Series, Kenyon Ranch Tubac, Arizona USA
Total run time for all 12 Attunements: 5:54:54
Individual times included with the notes below.  

Prior to listening to the Activations from this amazing series sit quietly with your intention and scan the brief notes accompanying the activation.  These notes assist with setting the intention and from here your heart, mind and body realign and attune.

Activation #1   Letting Go of Illusions
Time: 23:05

In this attunement you will be guided to:

  • Build the foundation for the protocol that brings in your support team
  • Activate the sacred triangle of light (heal injuries, addictions and trauma)
  • Experience decision making as the Voyager
  • Open the octahedron channels
  • Communicate with Archangels and Ascended Masters in your heart-space
  • Invite your Guardian Angel to be your best friend
  • Ignite your Home World energies within your body in daily life

Activation #2   Moving Into the Now Moment
Time: 32:36

In this attunement you will be guided to:

  • Purify your emotions
  • Reclaim Supreme Clarity of Power
  • Receive divine clarity and lung definition
  • Connect with the Council of 14 for presence and healing
  • Activate your power with the Sacred Heart
  • Balance with Electronic devises
  • Repair and restore DNA; activate in full power


Activation #3   Illuminate Your Halo
Time: 39:49

In this attunement you will be guided to:

  • Nourish your senses (eyes, ears, nose, sinus cavity)
  • Nourish your glands and internal organs
  • Maximize your quantum capacity
  • Access to “all that is” as you need
  • Reflect the light or your soul without distortion
  • Receive supportive Celestial Vibrations
  • Connect to the great central sun

Activation #4   Golden Threads of Healing
Time: 34:26

In this attunement you will be guided to:

  • Activate your 2d6 chromosome (detox the body naturally)
  • Acute and clear hearing enhancement
  • Activate inner-sight capacity to see the nature of reality
  • Integrate the hemispheres of the brain
  • Activate neurotransmitters for bliss and tranquility
  • Unify the original 8-cells of the body
  • Removal of all neck and throat energies that are obstructive

Activation #5  Your Lightship Journey
Time: 27:59

In this attunement you will prepare for time travel:

  • Experience a personal lightship journey
  • Time Travel with The Masters
  • Detoxify, cleanse and purify the body – your human vehicle
  • Experience expansion into consciousness
  • Explore the field of imagination and possibilities
  • Travel into deep inner space
  • Nature Spirits help translate your inner journey

Activation #6   Compatibility Waves
Time: 34:26

In this attunement you will be guided to:

  • Shine the light into the shadow
  • Surround your body with the octahedron
  • Experience the conductors brought to your from the stars and deep from the earth
  • Retrieve parts that have been spaced out
  • Receive vibrations of peace into the spine and through the skin
  • Invite messages from angels
  • Open to the childlike simplicity of life

Activation #7  Vibrational Spectrums and Divine Balance
Time: 38:21

In this attunement you will receive a “brain tune-up” to facilitate your capacity to heal the body

  • Create increased storage room in your brain
  • Breath in the cleansing violet light
  • Discover how to simply allow
  • Reorganize and refine for simplicity and connection
  • Experience more coherency and cohesion to heal the body
  • Remove yourself from illness disease and malfunction
  • Connection with Venus, Cassiopeia the Dahl universe

Activation #8  Angel Blessings
Time: 24:00

This attunement includes instructions for receiving

  • Receive a blessings download
  • Receive Instructions for Self downloading
  • 7 Breath connection to the earth
  • Conscious Delta Waves
  • Release tension and the need to do
  • Feel the Presence of the White Buffalo for the support from the Earth
  • Using the infinity sign in the hemispheres of the brain

Activation #9  The Song of God (Rebirthing Instructions)
Time: 34:29

This attunement prepares the body and mind for re-birthing

  • A Call Forth of all Archangels, Masters and the mineral support
  • Receive the support of your home world and soul group
  • Emerald grid support for your body with the earth
  • Power Animals and land support sacred
  • Remove all self imposed limitations, barriers and restrictions
  • Allowance and acceptance of your telepathic abilities and self expression
  • Allowance of your connection to the masters and the power of the Sun

Activation  #10  Voyage into The Field of Oneness
Time: 13:03

This attunement includes a download

  • I AM a clear and perfect channel of divine presence
  • Facilitating Time Travel
  • Breath into your future
  • Triangulation of light
  • Shift your financial world
  • This now moment extended into the future
  • Breath harmony vibration and coherency in your 2nd chakra

Activation  #11     The Reality of Spirit
Time: 24:59

This attunement guides you to flow with spirit:

  • Experience the Breath of the Universe as it breathes you as you
  • Merging with love and grace, love and allowance
  • Imagine all your needs are met beyond your wildest anticipations
  • Release all illusion and move into the realm of spirit
  • Move into the presence of the Archangels
  • Call the power of the dolphins, orcas, whales as messengers and wisdom carriers
  • Deep communion with divine support

Activation  #12  Forever Blessed
Time: 27:24

This attunement you will integrate the previous activations and:

  • Receive birthday blessings from the Universe
  • Receive birthday blessings from Venus, Pleiades, Central Star of Orion, and more
  • Receive birthday blessings from your soul group
  • Focus and receive from behind the heart outside of duality (space/time)
  • Receive purification of the ego
  • Receive the blessings of the wind
  • Breath your light and connect voyager to voyager