Quantum Questions To Ponder (and to ask new age kids)

What is the true reality? How can you tell what is real and what is not?
If we do create our own reality, where is God is this equation?
Is your dream state more real than your earth state?
If we are not our body, then what and who are we, really?
Do feeling create our reality, or do belief systems? Which comes first?
Why is it most of us cannot remember before our birth?
Why do we forget where we came from?
How is it that that some kids just know without being able to express how they know?
Why are some born with gifts and others not?
Why is it that many seem to be sleep-walking through life?
Why is it that lightweavers have a hard time making it in the world with their healing gifts?
Is God separate from Its creation? Does God participate in Its creation?
How can you tell if someone is enlightened and a fully awaken person?
Is the search for personal meaning really important?
How can you tell when a channeling is accurate? Do archangels and ascended masters channel through people?
Will humanity ever be free of stress, worry, suffering and pain?
What really happens when your body dies?
If there is only this one life, what happens after this life is over?
Is the story of Adam and Eve really true?
Did Yeshua (Jesus) really die on the cross?
What does it mean to be true to yourself?
Is God an angry and vengeful God?
Did Muhammad preach violence?
How is it that the past, present and future can exist in the same moment?
Why are we afraid of death? And even our birth?
What does Spirit look like?
Is love the most powerful energy on earth?
Does the body heal during restful sleep?
What is the mind-body connection?
What are miracles and why do they not happen more frequently?
What does Seek Ye The Kingdom Of Heaven And All Things Shall Be Granted Thee mean? Know Thyself? What is the Golden Rule?
What does it mean to serve God?
What does I AM the Way, the Life and the Truth mean?
What did the Buddha teach?
What is The Tao?
What is the difference between your will and God’s Will?
Is there such a thing as sin?
Why are your parents a mirror of your karma?
How do you balance being and doing?
What is the placebo effect? How does that relate to healing work?
Why do we have mid life crisis?
Why, in some cases, is there birthing trauma?
How many sensitive kids do you know and are they socially adjusted?
Your first God Experience.
Is perfection a reality in this world?
Why is trust important in our evolution?
Are you a What or a Who?
Why do we fear the Unknown?
Can the Mind be free?
Is it possible to end suffering in this lifetime?
What is the peace that passeth all understanding?

* There is no one right answer to these questions.



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