You have arrived at this page because you are ready to create a quantum shift in your life.

Be prepared for a unique and different style of healing sessions. All work is channeled from the Quantum. Kenji, at times, will be assisted by Grace and other Beings of Light​, (For pet healing, Archangel Ariel and nature spirits).  And of course, the Comedy Team is always present.

Client will receive energy work, coaching, healing and guided activations in a sacred space.

Coaching portion of your session involves a life review for the client according to their Client In Take form.

Healing portion for in-person sessions involves the table work enveloped energetically in a cocoon of light. Guidance is given along with the laying on of hands with periods of deep silence and stillness. Or standing wave collapse on the mat application instead of the table work.

Healing portion for phone sessions involves telepathic activations wrapped energetically in a cocoon of light. Guidance is given in the conversation and there will be periods of deep silence and stillness.


Kenji is available to facilitate any kind of “activation” you are needing. Example, eye improvement activation, weight loss activation, emotional healing activation, clearing the mind activation, etc.

The healing session are designed for those experiencing:
  • Soul Path indecision
  • Money challenges
  • Conflict un resolving (resolution)
  • Kundalini issues
  • Pre-Post birth concerns
  • Business practice dilemmas (challenges)
  • Spiritual emergence and awakening
  • Mid life crisis
  • Uncertain future
  • Mind-Body disconnection
  • Saturn returns
  • Young adulthood uncertainties
  • Mind-body issues
  • New Millennial existential crisis
  • Parenting questions of any order
  • Who AM I? What am I to do? Where am I going?
All session are guaranteed or money refunded. No time limit

All races acceptedMembers gets discounts.

Ben in the cosmic zone during activation

Kenji is in Eastern Timezone – Click Here for a TimeZone converter

What People Are Saying About Kenji’s Sessions


“I can honestly say that until I did Kenji’s first quantum healing call I felt completely stuck. Right after the call I had a job interview set up and two weeks later a job offer! I had been interviewing for like a year prior. I set up a one to one session w Kenji and so much healing is happening – layers of past trauma and energy are unraveling and miracles are happening. Another call came in this week for a huge higher paying job opportunity. Also on same day a fateful meeting with someone who could launch my songwriting career occurred. I’ve been working with that same one to one call and it feels like the springtime of my soul. Thank you Kenji! Can’t wait to see what else unfolds. It’s sooo exciting!”


“I recently enjoyed the privilege of a session with Kenji, and was delighted to share that I had been following him “since Darius fell off his chair.” The session was a profound experience infused with both deep meaning and great practicality. Divine simplicity.”

– Nikke Slight


The approach is for both in person and telephone sessions. For phone work, we do telepathically the table work as if the client is there in person. After effects can be life changing and life altering.

Baby healing and blessing: Contributions

After your session or series of sessions, please considering joining our unique Quantum Lightweavers membership group.

– The healing team

Spiritual Benefits:

  • Elimination of deep rooted fear, phobias, worry and depression
  • Broadened point of view of life
  • Improved sense of compassion and self love
  • Greater sense of purpose and destiny
  • Stronger belief in oneself and God
  • Greater ability to express true beliefs without apology
  • Improved perspective with regard to relationships
  • More stable feelings of security with regard to self
  • Greater openness in self expression and communication
  • Greater ability to stay serene and calm in stressful situations

Emotional/Psychological Benefits:

  • Purging of held-back emotions that contribute to inner tension
  • Improved interaction with others
  • Reinforced emotional security and stability
  • Improved emotional openness and accessibility
  • Improves sexual identity and openness
  • Closer relationships and bonding
  • Heightened awareness of self and personal needs
  • Improved foresight
  • Improved tolerance of others
  • Lessening of psycho-somatic conditions

Physical Benefits:

  • Releasing of toxins from the body
  • Improved energy flow within the Immune System
  • Improved lymphatic operations through more efficient Chi flow
  • Enhanced energy flow between magnetic field and the meridians
  • Elimination of energetic imbalances and distortion
  • Improved stamina in energy-related disorders
  • Enhanced body awareness
  • Enhanced glandular and hormonal functioning
  • Relief from chronic and/or acute stress, pain and tension
A note on listening to the activations:
Since the “activations” are live and evergreen, it is suggested to listen to the same activation for one week before proceeding to the next one. They work in the “background of your consciousness until complete, as you trust and allow. Effects can be both profound and subtle. Each listening will bring you to another level of awareness and self healing. Your benefits are cumulative in effect. Some may experience a short “healing crisis”, so let it pass with gentleness and grace. Most people will not be aware of the changes since the shifts can occur below the threshold of conscious awareness. Allow the changes to occur naturally. For further insights, go to After Care Suggestions and Potential Cumulative Benefits. Thank you, Kenj
Kenji Kumara products and services and it’s transformational effects are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical disease or condition. Kenji Kumara is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or any health care professional. Kenji Kumara may serve as an adjunct and supportive approach to healthcare, wellness and lifestyle enhancement. Clients of Kenji Kumara take full responsibility for their physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual experiences. Those under medical supervision are encourage to consult their physician before attending any sessions or events and to bring a medical release form with them in such instances. Persons under 18 years of age need full permission from their parents or guardians to view and/or participate in QL activities, products and social networking.

Cumulative Benefits to Having a Quantum EMPOWERMENT Session

These available benefits may begin to manifest immediately, within 14 days or within 6 months from the time of an Intensive, Intro and/or Session. You may not recognize these changes, but your friends, family and co-workers might.

We suggest you stay “open’ to all possibilities of transformation and continue to receive the Quantum Lightweaving® within your heart center and brain.

Your changes can be subtle, dramatic, sudden, or work over time. It, the changes, are given according to your belief and trust in yourself, in Spirit and in Creation.