Time is upon us to take the leap of Faith and initiate the next level of rebirthing. Just like in physical birthing, the soul rebirthing can be either stress inducing or a joyous experience. Our old data programming taught us that life is stressful and filled with uncertainties. Our old programs carry in its dna the historical baggage that is no longer relevant for the Aquarian Age. So now is the time to shift from that old matrix of suffering and attachments to a new paradigm that holds infinite potential and possibilities, wonder, awe and miracles.

The Aquarian dna programming carries within itself the idea “I AM creator manifest in form”. We carry within our quantum dna all the codes that God carries, that Spirit carries. Like the caterpillar who turns into a butterfly after months in a “cocoon”, you are that caterpillar turned butterfly and from your rebirth, you can fly once again to the heavenly realms. You spent your winter in your cocoon of light and are now ready to emerge into the new world, transformed and rebirthed into a higher level Self. Your body will begin to reflect this synthesis in a natural way, in an effortless way.

Time now to self learn that transformation and change can be a good thing, an awesome thing and one that you have been praying for since childhood. Your rebirthing is everyone else’s rebirthing. We rebirth together. Together, we rebirth.