Reflections on Miracles and Blessings

May this inspire you to greater heights beyond your wildest imaginations)

Do you know what it feels like to be hanging by a thread having over extended yourself without sustenance for you, running on an empty tank for far too long on the verge of something you may not return from & be profoundly lost?

I do.

And then I said “yes”. Yes for myself. Yes for my heart. Yes for my soul. Yes for my mind. Yes for my voice. Yes for my body.

Yes to attend, receive, contribute, share, recover…

This and so much more words do not cover it……

Return to knowing, drawing fractured, scattered energies back to centre, recalibration of body, mind, spirit is my experience that continues to unfold & unpack itself…

I needed self-salvation. And I needed help to make it happen S.O.S or else shut down-lights out was an irretrievable reality possible.

Giving I do as an automatic reflex.
If you are a mother, a carer, a way shower, a light worker, a healing facilitator, devoted to your family or work or culture you too know of this directly. Don’t you?

To know how to receive I am not so fluent.

To ask for help. Challenged even more so. Pride, ego, naive in ability to do so, weathered self-love & self-esteem all played their parts in creating distance & delay for my receiving so.

Then. There was Kenji, aligned with Vanessa=Kenji’s First Australian Retreat Path to Illumination.

Hallelujah! My prayers were heard in a way I could bypass my coiled tight resistance as I found myself on the threshold of my internal brea kpads about to give way beneath me.

The healing for me began with all contact working out the details & practicalities of retreat attendance with Vanessa & personal replies to my queries penned by Kenji himself. All my repeat & drawn out corresponded enquiries were always met with such patience, specificity & gentle openness.

Kenji & Vanessa have individually & together reminded me that my feelings, my needs, my thoughts can be received with honour. They exist to be honoured-no matter what.

They made it SO easy to ask & receive help=LOVE.

Kenji offers these needs a profoundly RESPECTFUL space to receive this.

Vanessa supports this intent with an energetic LIGHTNESS so we can ride this space with such EASE.

Kenji (&Vanessa’s) platforms are GRACE.

The location is fairly but limitedly described as a cocoon womb-like new earthly gift knitted for each & all of us by the tapestry of rainforest, bird life, waterways, wind-airwaves, earth grains there that caressed us closer to gaia’s heart as fluttering butterflies, swaying leaves & flexing tree limbs beckoned us with their welcome & inspired dialogue.

Are you too in need of a reset, recalibration of exquisite nature? I encourage you too to accept such Kenji invitations.

The activations, the one on one healings are of such a gentle, sympathetic, secure & safe resonance one spontaneously assimilates them. No healing “crises” here. No jarring. This work is intimate, specific, generous in its reach without limitation.

I have returned to my daily life (work&home) with an internal lightness & calm, more present, less strained by all physical demands.

I sense reclamation at play.

I cannot “rush” or “push” anything now.

To be or not to be?

I chose to be (again). Gift yourselves too. Have an experience. It WILL be a gift that keeps on giving.

Many of us are starving for such sustenance but don’t know what we are craving for. Try an activation. See what that inspires, what momentum it initiates, where that leads…

Thank you one & all for my remembering to be & what that feels like.

As it turns out I wasn’t forgotten & couldn’t be denied no matter what I thought or felt.

Present yourself to a Kenji retreat, an activation, a one on one healing…they will bring you into the present (now)…and therein lies the power.

This is no sugar hit that crashes.

This is no quick hit.

It IS spontaneous.
It IS undeniable.


It’s your energy.
Remember it.
Honour it.
Express it.

With love,

Mary Z from Sydney, Australia



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