FREE GIFT- Sacred 7 Sedona Vortex Package

About Your Free Gift:

This Sacred 7 vortex package is a unique empowerment series that brings in the powerful vortex grid energy of some of the major power points in Sedona. These signature activations contains the ancient wisdom of the Elders, the blending of the male and female portals, the power of the Christ and Divine Feminine as it expresses through these power openings for the transformation and balancing of mind, body and soul. Attune to the nature spirits, devas and elementals as they embrace you with their love and compassion.

Remember your connection with the land and your ancient knowing. Much clarity, vision, purpose and integration is given in these spontaneous transmissions from the Oneness. This package benefits your whole family, pets and ancestors as all are called to receive in their soul the remembrance of who they are and their divine purpose.


In the Immersion into the Divine Feminine energies of the Chapel vortex of The Madonna/Christ Child, the 2 Nuns and Indian Chief, we deeply received the Grace and Blessings of this wonderful vortex. We called in The Ancients and Elders and received the healing frequencies of the Divine Feminine and Christ Consciousness. Our remembrance was triggered of our red rocks connection.  Kenji also called in the Elementals, Nature Spirits and animals of the area. 


From the top and back side of this beautiful red rock vortex, this activation activates the divine feminine energies of Mother Mary and her healing presence. We aligned this vortex with the other major vortexes of the greater Sedona area – Boynton Canyon, Bell Rock, Courthouse Butte, Castle Butte, Doe Mt, Cockscomb Butte, Birthing Cave, Long Canyon, Fay Canyon, West Fork in Oak Creek Canyon and others. We call forth the area’s Nature messengers such as the Birds and Wind element. We sat in the stillness of the vortex and received guidance and clarity according to our intentions and prayers. We invoked the Ancients and the Elders who walked this land to bring us Wisdom and healing. Be prepared for a deep inward journey.  


A beautiful calming and relaxing vortex activation at Oak Creek near Buddha Beach. Enjoy the mellow rushing sounds of Oak Creek as the water rushes over the smooth multi-colored rocks on a clear and sunny afternoon. And feel the gentle wind as it moves through the trees along the creek. And the singing of the birds in the distance.

In this healing activation, we brought forth the frequencies of supreme clarity; clarity of purpose, clarity of vision, clarity of your next step amd clarity for the healing of your body. We called forth the support of the vortex elementals, nature spirits and devas as they aligned with your intentions for self healing and fulfillment. The cleansing of the brain, spinal column and base of the spine was also offered from the realms of Oneness. This is a deep meditative journey into the heart of Nature as well as Self.


Guided meditation for aligning the Sedona vortex grid system with some of the other important grid points on the planet. Aligning to the red rock Ancients and Elders who walked the land and brought forth the wisdom from their star systems. Bringing clarity and empowered expression of your next step. Receiving divine balance and harmony. Calling forth your ancient knowing of your connection to the Sedona Vortex Grid System.


A special organic and evergreen Boynton Canyon vortex activation/meditation designed for alignment with the Sedona grid system, Nature/Elemental  connection/Boynton Canyon wildlife, remembrance of your connection with the Christ Energies, the encodements within the canyon walls/cliffs, the Kumara lineage and your interstellar galactic connection. Boynton Canyon is a balance of the divine masculine and feminine vortex energies. This activation includes Warrior Rock and Kachina Woman vortex energy.

A powerful quantum level healing and elevating activation for mind, body and soul using the 1 and 11:11 gateway energies. The periods of deep silence will allow you to go very deep within to make that essence and oneness connection. Allow the Wind to help you journey within. Deeply relaxing, nourishing and celestially-supportive for your spiritual journey Home.


A live activation on top of Bell Rock, Sedona to align with that vortex-portal and other vortex spots in and around Sedona. An empowering grid system activation for cleaning and balancing the Sedona Grids. This activation assists in bringing forth Clarity, Divine Balance and Empowerment for any area of your life that needs clarity and focus (business, relationships, money, self esteem, career path).

Feel the power of the Sun energy and the vistas of expansion and vision. We called forth the Guardian of Bell Rock and the native energies from the ancestors who walked the land here. Remember your connection to this sacred land. 


Take a vortex journey into the Portal at 7 Sacred Pools and immerse yourself into the energies of Baptism (cleansing and purification). A unique vortex activation where we invoked the presence of the Ancients and Elders and remembered our divine connection with this land. We were initiated into the Portal/Gateway we found on a rock symbol and received the  gifts from higher dimensions. Kenji also called in the Elementals, Nature Spirits and animals of the area.