Sacred Hikes


In the mountains of Asheville, I’ll guide you through the stages of awakening, expansion and embodiment.

Are you ready…

To tap into the mystical healing and transformational power of Asheville’s sacred spots? Are you open to being guided into your innate spiritual guidance system?

Combine your vacation with a spiritual retreat in the nature of Asheville and receive powerful goal-specific activations for your spiritual awakening (or something like that).

Let’s take the quantum leap together so you can have the clarity of purpose, direction and vision that you are ready to experience.

Sacred Asheville Hikes WITH KENJI KUMARA

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Customized Days and Times

✓ One 4-hr sacred hike with recorded activation + 40-minute studio quality recording $297.00/person

✓ Two 4-hr sacred hikes with recorded activations + 40-minute studio quality recording  $497.00/person

✓ Three 4-hr sacred hikes with recorded activations + 40-minute studio quality recording  $697.00/person

“I can say that I felt profound personal shifts as a result of the activations Kenji took us though, especially when compounded with the energy of the supportive nature. As many on the retreat will testify by personally witnessing, my fingerprints must have literally changed during the retreat, because for the duration of the retreat, my phone would not recognize them — talk about a shift!  And I’m not kidding.

And I simply cannot describe the connection you feel when you walk the canyons on the vortex hikes. The sacred connection with the land and the Ancients is there for you to experience and honor.

If you feel any need to be guided through transformational activations, all while being supported by some of the most powerful planetary energy in off-the-charts-beautiful scenery, I highly recommend you attend one of Kenji’s retreats. I’ll be back, no question, so see you there!”

Ian Shelley (Producer and Host, Academy for the Soul Discovery Series)


The Magic of Asheville and the Western North Carolina Mountains

Many Spirtual and Healing claims have been accredited to the mountains. Visitors vacationing in Asheville have commented on their experiences of the city, Asheville. 

The natural healing energies that exist in the sweet town of Black Mountain are described in the book, “The Spiritual Reawakening Of The Great Smoky Mountains” by Page Bryant. It is broken down into three categories, electricity, magnetism, and electro-magnetic current.

Electricity is described as the male side of energy. These energies possess attributes that result in greater physical vitality, re-birth, and renewal. Page designated the element of fire to this electric presence.

Magnetism, the feminine force of nature, is assigned the elements of water and earth. Magnetism calms the spirit and slows down the pulse, digestion and circulation in the body by lowering the temperature and blood pressure. Magnetism helps one to go within, which heightens the human spiritual consciousness.

The third piece of this description brings us to electromagnetic presence, which is the balance of both energies. Powerful electromagnetic terrains generally are identified by four seasons, waterfalls, plenty of rich plant life, rainfall, hills and mountains. That certainly describes this area. Ley lines have been noted in antiquity. They are the pathways that carry this wonderful healing, balancing energy back to one final point or vortex.

The Ley line that runs through Black Mountain ends up at Mt. Mitchell, the highest peak of the Appalachians. This majestic 6,684ft mountain is preserved by a 1,400 acre state park.

Many say, “If the mountains call to you, you may find yourself mysteriously packing up and moving.” Black Mountain has been a destination for hundred of years where people have come for rest, relaxation and rejuvenation.

“An existential void brought me to Kenji … what felt like my soul struggling to release limiting self and cultural beliefs to see a new path beyond a career-centered life.  The activation hike experience opened body, mind and spirit to new perspectives of my reality, ways to embody high frequency healing energy and understand a larger quantum world view.  Kenji’s generosity, authenticity and wide-ranging wisdom is a profound gift.  The customized activation and recording offer a roadmap to re-program my neurology to release, receive and see the void as a portal of new creation and expanded perception.  Plus … thoroughly enjoyed the exhilarating climb to unexpected heights (literally!)” 
Dana Anton, Atlanta

“Powerful and energetic trek with Kenji into the ancient sacred space of nature. The light and lightness of the personalized activation continues to move in and around. The peace and stillness is an anchor point throughout out my awareness. There is a subtle yet profound energy that is of all the rocks, plants and animals and I now feel even more of that interconnection.

Expanding into oneness!

Peace be with you”

Robert L., California

“WOW Kenji!!!!! Thank you again for the beautiful day and AMAZING activation 🙂 …

I had no idea what to expect on our sacred hike. Fay Canyon was a magical place for it… including the red rocks, the birds, the wind and the sun! I was certainly transported to another dimension and came back with new tools and new knowings that are enhancing my life each day 💖

I can only describe the full experience as MAGICAL 💫✨⭐

I’ve listened to the replay several times as well… it is ever-green 🍀🌿!!!

I cannot thank you enough Kenji… for all that you do!!!

love and light,

– Kimberly Tee, Phily, PA

“1st time I listened to it was VERY emotional as you hit on a lot of things that I didn’t realize were SO close to my heart….my fears, the reason I came to ……….., the lightship, a new tribe, my creative desires. The 2nd time was more level and I feel myself opening up SLOWLY to my life and facing my fears. I plan to listen to the activation more times.

“Hands down one of the BEST EXPERIENCES OF MY LIFE ~ THANK YOU 🙏🏻 Kenji Kumara for your generosity and listening to your Soul’s calling”
Raelin S., AZ

“A day that will always be a big part of my life – it was truly a magical experience to spend time with you and learn from you Kenji Kumara! Thank you for bringing love and light to this world ❤️✨”

Sam N., AZ

Are you looking for something “different” in Asheville?

Meet Kenji Kumara

Hello, I AM Kenji Kumara

founder of Quantum Lightweaving (r) and Asheville Vortex Activations ™.

I am excited to be offering you a unique Asheville experience that incorporates my 47 years in the field of consciousness, transformation and empowerment. As a guide and mentor, I can assist you in tapping into and aligning with your Inner Presence, with your spirit of discovery, with your soul signature in a gentle and nurturing way.

Imagine exploring sacred power spots, receiving guided activations, learning about the land, the ancestors and the healing power of Asheville. Imagine tapping into this power to help your body realign to it’s original blueprint of health and well-being. Imagine what it would be like to be refreshed, recharged and rejuvenated in a aura of safety and protection. Imagine all the possibilities of rebalancing your body, mind and spirit. And, best of all, imagine having someone you can pour your heart out to and reflecting back to you who you are and giving you clarity on your life path.

As you believe, you become.

Having studied with some of the great minds of our times in the field of energy work, body work, spiritual psycho-therapeutics, holistic education, spirituality, meditation and consciousness I have come to the conclusion that the path to awakening is but a step away, a breath away and that all we need do is to “receive” the blessings that come through Grace – and this is what I teach. Allow, receive, become and be in the knowing that all is well and that you are loved and supported by the great Spirit of Life.

Journey well and be at peace.

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