What is salvation? What is the experience of salvation? Let’s take a moment to come into the now moment with the divine focus through your body, opening up all your channels to receive and to know and to remember.

Salvation. Let’s align with the new earth. Align your vertical and horizontal fields. Come into the now moment. Let’s bring your awareness to the pineal pituitary thalamus, to your throat chakra, to your heart chakra, to your solar plexus, to your sacral chakra, your root chakra, your crown chakra, your hands and your feet.

Another deep, slow and long breath. And we’re going to ask you to remember the true meaning and power of salvation, where it comes from. Stay open. Is not salvation the power of grace working in your life, the power of blessings working in your life?

And what if it is true that you are already saved from your misperceptions and your self judgments? What if you are already free to be? And what if the kingdom is within and that you have the capacity and the power and the courage to tap into that and to allow it to manifest in your life.

So let’s take another slow, long, deep breath and allow the power of salvation to move through all levels of your life right now, your career, your relationships, your spiritual work, your money flows, everything.

Allow it to begin to flow like a river to all aspects of self. Recognizing that you are already saved from your errors of judgment. your misperceptions and all the emotions that come with errors of perception and judgment.

Peel the freedom to be. Now allow that to move throughout the rest of your day and into the dream time. And all you have to do is rethink, remember salvation. I am salvation. I am the power of salvation.

The power of salvation moves through me 24 -7 effortlessly with the power of grace. So thank you for tuning in. Have a very beautiful week. And know that this is your divine inheritance, salvation. Many blessings.


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