Kenji Is Presenting at Shift Charlotte 2020

“Activating Your 3rd Eye and Beyond”

Saturday, 11:15 a.m.

Charlotte, NC

If you feel called to attend this unique presentation you are ready to begin, or deepen, your journey of awakening. Kenji Kumara delivers spontaneous energy activations and healings that will awaken your innate abilities, talents, and spiritual gifts. Now is the time to align with New Earth and understand your true destiny.

Kenji’s Quantum Lightweaving is an eclectic, inter-dimensional approach to consciousness expansion and spiritual awakening that allows you to experience more illumination, liberation, and empowerment.
Many report Kenji’s activations are life-changing and affect all levels of your earthly incarnation. 

You will have a full body experience through the use of the power of breath and visualization, as Kenji facilitates a direct energetic enhancement of the connection between your brain, heart and spinal column. You will clear and experience the divine connection between the pineal, pituitary, and the Crystal Palace, and continue through the medulla oblongata, the sacred CSF, your physical spine and energetic Central Channel, on down to the original 8 cells of creation.

Places of density are cleared, and new neural pathways will be created that help you elevate your vibrational frequency, and expand consciousness, so that you can move through life’s obstacles and challenges with more ease, joy, and understanding. You will be able to better manage internal and psychic energies so you can manifest your desired destiny and soul purpose.

Kenji gently and effortlessly guides you to the best possible experience you can imagine of your divinity and soul essence. The energy will continue to work after the session, allowing you to build on it in your daily life and practices.

Kenji is always accompanied by an incredible Healing Team from the higher dimensions, and a sense of humor inspired by his Comedy Team, so come prepared for a co-creative blissful and ecstatic experience of the Oneness of You!