Shifts & Perspectives

Energy follows thought. Where you put your attention, that is where your energy goes. Whatever you focus on, manifests. Your emotions and body follow your belief systems and attitudes and perceptions. You Are Where you Think you are.

In speaking about personal shifts regarding your perceptions about yourself and your life, awareness is the Key. How aware are you?

Are there times when you go unconscious and space out of your body? Do you sometimes fall asleep at the wheel? Are you out to lunch with certain people and situations? When life gets tough, do you zone out and leave your body? Have you been called a half wit? That means not being fully present and Here and with your body.

In these times of great transition, the energies can get overwhelming and too intense. Dealing with challenging situations and people can literally blow you out of the body and into outer space, if you know what I mean. One way to handle these challenges is to shift one’s perspective, and that takes practice and commitment. How you see the world is a result of internal perceptions that reflect in the outer world. We can see these challenges as hard, difficult and painful – or we can choose to see them in a joyous, creative and even humorous way. It depends on your outlook on life. Is this a friendly or a hostile Universe?

If we see our reality through the lens of duality, opposition and the battle of the opposites, we will create conflict, hardships and unpleasant experiences. If we see our reality as a struggle to overcome or to conquer, we will have our share of ups and downs and sideways, if you get my drift. Perceiving through a sense of internal separation creates more of the same. What we resist will persist.

On the other hand, if we choose to see our world through the gateway of oneness, connection, creativity and love, that is what we will experience. Coming from the heart and the place of oneness produces oneness and unity consciousness. Love creates love. Blessings create blessings. Joy creates joy. Let us move from expectations to anticipations; from doing something to just Being. We can focus on what’s wrong in our life, what is not working, the troubles we have, the diseases of our body OR we can keep our attention on what is working in our life, what is good about life, and what brings us joy. We can choose what we want to experience. That is our free will – to choose again.

All we need to do is be open to “shifting”, allowing shifting to happen, and being open and receptive to change, no matter what it takes, without conditions and stipulations. I AM open to seeing life differently through another lens, without filters. I AM willing to put my focus on the positive, on the beauty, on the splendor of life, nature, people and all situations. I now choose peace. I now choose love. I now choose joy. I now choose To Be. And so It Is.



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