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“Your activations are transforming me and my life. Thank you Kenji Kumara!!!” 
— Laura L.

This is a complete weight loss activation package. Losing weight is about more than just shedding pounds. The weight is a manifestation of repressed or stuck emotions. This complete weight loss package addresses the emotional, spiritual, psychological and physical aspects of weight loss.

These 6 activations cover all aspects of permanent and easy weight loss. Healing on the emotional pain body, mastering your emotions, targeting the weight and inflammation in your body, removing any shame and regret, and healing depression caused by body image. Finally, a powerful Birth, Death & Body image healing activation. As this will be the death of the old self, the birth of your new self with a new set of beliefs for body image.

Are you ready to shed some pounds?  Feel overwhelmed?  Would you like a little assistance from Kenji’s activations?  This complete weight loss package is for you…  Now is the time!

Kenji offers his loving support in over 6 hours 45 minutes of audio activations.

Activations You Will Receive:

Health Restoration:  Overweight & Inflammation
We will delve into the causes and symptoms that result in overweightness, inflammation, infections, colds and flu. This is a common issue in society, and when not properly addressed, can lead to medical and psychological issues. We will go into the major archetypes that relate to emotional burdens and weak immune systems. You are in control of your body and mind and with the proper attitude, anything can be overcome and transmuted.

Healing Shame and Regret
We will bring forth the understanding and healing presence that will shift the emotional body into divine alignment with our true essence and character. It will be like a personality make-over with all natural ingredients. gluten-free and non GMO, for sure!  The comedy team is here.

Emotional & Pain Body Reconstruction Activation
What you can receive from this activation: On-going miracles and revelations, Healthier mind-body connection, Greater mental clarity, emotional balance and physical mobility, Easier expression of your soul path and divine purpose…

Generational Healing:  Body Image Archetypes, Birth & Death
How did we get caught up with the whole body image archetype?  Why are so preoccupied with how our body looks, our hair, our physique and how we present ourselves to the world? We will explore our beliefs and attitudes about these taboo subjects and bring forth the experience of sublime detachment from these archetypes in the life, death and renewal.  Ready for a NEW life?  Rebirth.

Health Restoration: Depression
Your body and your mind are directly connected.  What is going on inside will be manifested outside.  Depression is a major unconscious contributor that affects humanity’s well being and inner peacefulness.  Most people are not even aware that they are depressed or lonely, which leads to over eating. Chronic depression is a silent killer of the spirit. Bring your spirit back and be fulfilled. This is a profound activation.

Emotional Mastery Activation
During this activation, we will:  Bring forth the energies of the Masters of Wisdom and the Sacred Heart of the Earth for the deepest understanding of the human condition, Bring clarity as to why you are here and your purpose upon this planet, Initiate deep healing and self-introspection.  Master your emotions.

Don’t put this off.  Your body is your temple.  Now is the time to take action.  Bless your being!

“I encourage everyone to try Kenji.  You will see you and your life transform.  Enjoy the Heaven on Earth now.”
— Theresa C.

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