Sunshower Rose Offering

Unveiling Your Dreams Classes


Dream Coach and Visionary Artist

Sunshower Rose

What if our Dreams were offering us Guidance

every night of our lives . . . and we missed it!

Sunshower . . .

1. guides in the understanding of the importance of dreams

2. offers a method to remember dreams

3. translates the symbols of dreams

4. empowers people to translate their own dreams

Based in the environs of Sedona, Arizona, 

Sunshower Rose works from her home studio 

for both her art and Dream work.

Her intuition shines through, as she walks

through your dreams with you.

Classes are arranged by appointment.

What’s good for you – and perhaps some

friends and/or relatives?

Typical classes are via Zoom and last

1-2 hours, depending on the size of

a Dream Group.

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