Kenji Kumara Interview with Tanja James

Tanja and Kenji discuss the state of the union w/ guided meditation.

Out beyond the news and social media, there is a drama-free zone. Kenji will meet you there, give you a map so you can find your way. Many routes. One destination. Kenji Kumara teaches you to find your own way home. 

“Kenji, I so appreciate how grounded you feel to me—no matter how out of this world what you’re saying is about, you’re present and grounded and it feels digestible and assimilateable. And you stay out of the drama and remain in the actionable even though at times the action is a call to stillness. And you know how to speak to all by speaking to one at a time”

“Thank you, Tanja for hosting this discussion & activation w/Kenji. It was beautiful & many questions & answers so very important for many of us to hear a first time or reaffirm our own feelings & intuition. I always enjoy hearing from both of you. Brings much joy just hearing your voices.”

– Jo M.

“Thank you Kenji. Really appreciated the attunement at the end!”
– Tracy, Seattle