Wild times! The Unexpected! The Unforeseen! Sudden changes from nowhere! Time to buckle up and put on your safety helmet, gloves and knee pads – just kiddin’, Comedy Team here.

In all seriousness (but not too serious), we are in the initial phases of the Age of Aquarius, the age of enlightenment and peace for Mother Earth and we are all being called to free ourselves from our past memories, pains, suffering, chaos, drama, storylines, programming and conditioning that kept us in the matrix of right and wrong, good and bad, light and dark. We are being asked to step out of the karmic box of unforgiveness and condemnation – and to move gently and quietly into the world of infinite potential and possibility, into the matrix of abundance, prosperity, grace and blessings (which is your natural inheritance and beingness).

The energy from the Great Central Sun and Prime Source that is pouring upon the planet and your energy field is one of acceleration, magnification and expansion for your consciousness, your health, the youthing of your physical body and vision of your soul purpose and destiny. Many possibilities are coming forth for your understanding, and application into your daily life. Sort of like Quantum In The Marketplace.

We are being called to surrender, to trust, to have faith in the great Unknown, for It is given according to your belief and trust in yourself and in your God. The Universe can only give to you what you are ready and open to receiving, nothing more, nothing less. Resistance and fear are the only blocks to abundance and unconditional love. This is the year of healing that which was brought up last year regarding your core issues and unconscious mental patterns and beliefs. To be free is to be free of all conditioning, imprinting and mass hypnosis.

Your Tribe is arriving, so stay open to that connection. There is a migration away from the large cities back to Nature and quietude. Stay tuned to your inner guidance as to location, career, relationships and creative projects such as your book writing.

Be the Force. Seek the Peace that passes all understanding. Anticipate your blessings. May Grace be with you at all times. And keep on truckin’ in the Light.