Awaken Your Higher Consciousness is a vision for 8 special souls to join in a community to recreate the world they choose to live in that matches the vibrational state of Being of their Nomad or High Self. I was inspired by my soul agreement with the Earth and those wayshowers who are ready to awaken their mastery into higher consciousness. It is a calling from my Spirit to offer the wisdom I have gathered from my life journey. I created this accelerated program to help bring change to the earth and humanity and to be of support to those who are committed to their awakening.

What is offered in this program called Awakening Your Higher Consciousness, is the re-knowing of your wisdom that is held with the I AM body; the re-articulation of your spiritual Presence; and the re-embodiment of your natural state of being via the module activations and the 1:1 mentoring. What will be given is the holding of sacred space that creates the healing, the transformation, the re-calibration of your Field and form.

There are many hidden values in this program that will unravel and open up as you begin your advanced journey into Consciousness, Presence and your ascension journey. By embodiment of the Light, all things shall be given in divine right timing and space. You will be more self empowered, more self aware, more conscious of your higher dimensions, more trusting and confident, more of who and what you truly are and how you are serving in truth and love.

What will be shared in the group healing meeting is how I use higher consciousness in my daily life, in my meditation practice, and in how and what I teach so that it can be an activation of your higher knowing and realization of Self. You will be loved and supported by the councils of Light and Truth and the new earth frequencies.

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