June 24th 7.30PM Eastern / 4:30 Pacific

The Global Gathering is an online spiritual event in which healers, lightworkers, catalysts and spiritual teachers come together as ONE to support humanity by anchoring love, light, joy, wellness and optimism. Kenji Kumara will be a special guest for our next event.

Our intention is to create sacred connections, conscious transformations and gentle awakenings through meditations, healing processes and powerful activations.
The Gathering is watched live or online by over 3500 spiritual souls around the world. We are growing our audience and reaching out to spiritual seekers and practitioners across the globe. We wish to reach over 1 million viewers! PLEASE share this page with all your friends, followers and groups.

What if now is the perfect time to create a New Wave of insights for the future? Then we would be able to integrate the insights…creating a New Vision — inclusive of all!

At this time of uncertainty it is our privilege to be able to offer healing processes, powerful activations and spiritual wisdom to transform the lives of those who need our support, allowing them to experience a New Reality of Joy and Optimism.
We invite you to watch the energy infused video in co-creating this space of joyous connection so that together we will anchor the love and light that will change the tides of history. We believe this Global Gathering will help make the shift easier for you and everyone involved.

“Thank you so much for the beautiful uplifting gathering! What an amazing gift to have been united with so many kind souls and to have received the spiritual healing from you and your colleagues!”

Will you be joining us?

Kenji will be a guest speaker at this Global Gathering event.