The New Children Are Arriving

They are being called by many names – The Children Of Oz, Indigos, Crystal, Golden, Dawn, The Golden Ones, Violet Ray & Psychic Kids. They are coming from different places within our Universe and Galaxy – The Pleiades (7 Sisters), Sirius B (a Star), Cassiopia, Aldebron, Arcturus, The Vega System (a Gate-way), Antares and a “Galaxy Far Far Away” (to use a Star Wars term).

These children volunteered to come to Earth to bring awareness, enlightenment, healing and a new way of culturing our environment and planet. Some are being born fully awakened and realized; others arrive with much awareness of their psychic and spiritual gifts, which most people would call “supernormal” or “beyond belief”.

Most of them come with the inner knowledge of who they are and why they have come at this time. All require grounding in the physical world, loving support gentle nurturance, acceptance, discipline and compassionate guidance, especially within the school and medical systems, which they see as out-dated and irrelevant in many cases.

These children have come to show humanity a new vision, another way to get the job done (restoring planet Earth to her pristine beauty and balance). They have come to give us a vision of mankind’s highest potential and how to use the other 90% of our untapped brainpower. They are also here to help us heal our inner fears, doubts, insecurities, judgments and limited thinking. These children are being born in every culture and religion, into single-parent families as well as well-to-do ones.

They hold our future – in high technology and science, the creative arts, medicine, politics and economics, education, religion, spirituality and the alternative healing arts/sciences.

These gifted ” masters”, ranging in ages one to 9 mostly, if not supported and understood, end up joining street gangs and cultist rock groups, in psychiatric hospitals (in extreme cases), being labeled ADD, ADHD, hyperactive, aggressive, non-responsive, emotional & learning disabled special-needs kids, misfits, uncontrollable, undisciplined, problem children slow learners depressed, lonely, suicidal withdrawn, and the list goes on.

By the same token, if understood and lovingly supported by their parents and teachers, they become well adjusted, creative, highly intelligent and end up in gifted and talented programs. Some have graduated from college by age 10-12. These children generally know more than their parents and teachers, so it is important for all of us to be open to learning from these very sensitive beings.

They come to show us who we are, for they mirror everything back to us instantly. All these new age children are natural healers. All are very telepathic, empathic, clairaudient, clairvoyant and clairsentient.

They are able to read your thoughts and feelings and are highly sensitive to chemicals, additives, artificial lighting, loud noises, electromagnetic radiations, processed foods, sugars, salts and generally anything that is disruptive and out of balance with Nature.

These empathic souls know when you are not telling the truth about anything, and when you hide your feelings from expression. It is so important to tell these souls the whole truth and to tell them why you want them to do certain things, or why they can’t do certain things. They require a truthful explanation, especially when it comes to discipline and guidance.

Let them decide for themselves what is true for them, not how you think they should believe or behave. They have enough intelligence to learn from their mistakes. Let them make mistakes, for this is how they learn. This is how everyone learns. These new-agers have a plan – it is our job to allow the natural unfoldment of their greater destiny and life purpose.

Try asking them who they are, where they came from, why they are here and what they came to do for this planet – and you might be thoroughly amazed at what you hear.

These children and young adults will not share with you (as parents and teachers) their inner world if they do not trust you. You have to gain their trust, or parenting and teaching will be a very challenging experience. They need to know they are loved and supported, and that you are doing your best to understand them as soul beings, not as human beings.

They did not respond to the “reward and punishment” games or anything that creates fear and guilt within them. They will rebel because they know you do not understand where they are coming from. Their requirements are to be taught and parented with compassion, love, truth and sincerity.

These beings of great light and love started incarnating around 1975, and each successive wave brought more aware and enlightened masters upon this earth. I feel there will be 12 major waves or tribes of these new agers to come by the year 2012-2013. This is a significant date for humanity.

The principles of Love, Compassion and Wisdom need to be grounded and seeded within all human hearts by this time. All of the old structures, traditions and limitations that do not work anymore are beingcollapsed, so the new energies can be expressed within the minds and hearts of everyone.

Some of you adults who are reading this are also these new lightworkers, for you have chosen to come ahead of the others to prepare the way, which has been extremely challenging. There is a fairly high percentage of these new agers (ages 1 – 11) in the greater Seattle area. A very low percentage of the parents understand or know who these children are.

The best resources to find out how to deal with these children can be found in James Twyman’s book “The Emissary of Love” , Doreen Virtue’s two books on the Indigo Children and Lee Carroll/Kryon’s books on the Indigos. Another resource is the Internet. I would recommend a Google search on Indigo children, Children of Oz, etc… Waldorf and Montessori schools are good for these souls, as well as home schooling and some alternative/gifted programs, plus summer camps that do vision quests and self-esteem training.

Published in the Spiral Journey magazine, July August 2002 by Kenji Kumara. Kenji Kumara, MA/ECE is a holistic educator/healer/presenter who is available for private consultations/healings, mentoring-tutoring and healers training for these gifted children/young adults. He plans on establishing a healing school where these souls can develop and express their natural talents and abilities.



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