The pineal gland is a small and relatively mysterious gland located in the middle of the brain. Shaped like a pine cone (its name is derived from “pinealis”, the Latin word for pine cone), this gland has largely been ignored in medicine, though awareness of its importance is now becoming known in scientific fields. It has been through books such as Dr. Ranjie Singh’s POWERFUL SELF HEALING TECHNIQUES, which focuses on the pineal gland and its ability to enhance health and longevity. Encouraging research by Dr. Singh seems to indicate that by reactivating and harmonizing the pineal gland it may assist in reducing the risk of cancers and various types of ailments.

Once thought to be a vestigial organ, the pineal gland is now thought to be a light–sensitive clock affecting sleep, the sex glands, and much more. It also produces melatonin. Increase in melatonin output has been found to create positive health producing effects for high blood pressure, insomnia, cancers, and much more. Melatonin is also associated with the production of light, as well as with the properties of bioluminescence.

The pineal gland has been associated with bioluminescence by scientists such as Frank Barr, and in addition, with the properties of sono-luminescence (the ability of converting sound energy to light). Thus, resonating the pineal gland with sound has the potential of creating light—something that numerous mystics have alluded to in many different sacred texts and teachings. Spiritual scientist J.J. Hurtak writes of this ability of creating light through the pineal gland in THE KEYS OF ENOCH.