Balance with all things, within all levels, within all aspects of Consciousness products power; the innate power to manifest, to envision, to heal and make right, to see clearly, to feel and sense evenly, to communicate, to connect, to align to changes, to embody the unknown, to express without thought, to share presence and so much more. Balance produces harmony, which produces peace, which manifests as love, which ignites joy, which brings everything back into balance.

Sit in stillness, allow the Flow to flow, feel the peace and enjoy the pure love that expresses through your body as a space of allowance, nurturance, support, acceptance and no-thing-ness. Breath in, take in that expansiveness, that quietude, that tranquility, that solace that is of your Soul and Presence. Be that experience. Be the felt sense. Be that vibration. Be that unspeakable joy. Share it with others just by being you. Heal with it like you would hold a precious baby. Receive it as You, as the Universe. Give thanks and gratitude. Be Ye.