Thoughts from the Quantum

If you are having challenges with manifesting, try this meditation: I give up what I think I want If you are tired of the same old thoughts in your head, try this meditation: I dedicate all thoughts to Union If you want to experience a sense of oneness, try this meditation: What I join with becomes real To know more about where you are at, try this meditation: I exist in the reality where I think I AM If you want to create another belief, try this meditation: I am willing to believe otherwise I AM a thought of God



Light On Your Path

Your path is always lit. The Light is always with you no matter your circumstances, situations, challenges, roadblocks and obstacles. When you were eternally born, the Light came with you, as You - for it was your source of creation and creativity. The Light was, is...

Healing In Timelessness

Healing in timelessness. What does that mean? What is timelessness? The quantum space in between thoughts and emotions, that point where the vertical and horizontal meet, that vibration where yang and yin merge, that space that is beyond space, time, distance and...

The Time Of Change Is Now

Now is the time of change. Now is the time to change. Now is when change can occur. It is said that we can only change if we are in the NOW moment, not when we are thinking of what was, or what will be. It is said that the power is in the NOW moment, when we are fully...