Thoughts from the Quantum

If you are having challenges with manifesting, try this meditation: I give up what I think I want If you are tired of the same old thoughts in your head, try this meditation: I dedicate all thoughts to Union If you want to experience a sense of oneness, try this meditation: What I join with becomes real To know more about where you are at, try this meditation: I exist in the reality where I think I AM If you want to create another belief, try this meditation: I am willing to believe otherwise I AM a thought of God



Overcoming Overwhelm and Embracing Tranquility

Well, hello from Sedona and welcome to another joyful tune in. And today, we're going to share a little bit about Overwhelm and how to prevent overwhelm from stressing out your body and affecting your consciousness. So, let's take a moment to center and ground....

Navigating Distraction, Distortions of Energy, and Overwhelm

Hello and welcome to another Wednesday Musing. Today we'd like to share about distractions, which are also distortions of energy. And if you look at the world today, everywhere, there is extreme distractions. On any level, on the swing of the pendulum. Why is that so?...

Finding Balance in Times of Great Change

Hello, and welcome to another joyful tune -in. So let's take a moment to center and ground to the power of the breath. Going to the here now. I am here, I am now, and I am. And today, we're going to talk about balance and why it's important, especially in these times...