Now is the time of change. Now is the time to change. Now is when change can occur. It is said that we can only change if we are in the NOW moment, not when we are thinking of what was, or what will be. It is said that the power is in the NOW moment, when we are fully present with What Is. If this is true, then NOW is the time to practice being still and present within our Zero Point Field, in the Still Point within our heart chakra, within the very core of our essence. If our essence is timeless and knows no bounds or limits, then we, indeed, have the power and skill to create and manifest our soul path, even if we are unsure of what that is in any given NOW moment. If we are here to learn lessons and to evolve our spirit in our ascension process, then we also have the innate knowingness and wisdom to do just that – to learn from every experience, every encounter, every situation in life, no matter how difficult or challenging it may appear to be. If we are here to grow our Beingness and to evolve our physical vehicle, we do indeed have the tools and insights to do just that.

Our bodies grow and learn, and so does our Soul. We are ever ascending the ladder of evolution. We are ever maturing in our wisdom and capacity to love and allow. As we “age”, we mature. As we mature, we become more insightful, more honoring, more respectful, more appreciative of Life, and Life is our teacher, our mentor, our guide to becoming more and more wise and thoughtful. Let us today, together, give ourselves permission and freedom to grow as a garden grows in the summertime, naturally, effortless and gracefully. And, as we surrender our personal judgments of what should be, we begin to become very clear as to our pathway, our destiny, our purpose for Being, for living, for evolving. We have always been on our pathway and in spite of the many emotional difficulties and hardships we may have experienced through our body, we have become strong in our spirit to overcome all obstacles and challenges. It is time to acknowledge this and to come into our knowing as a divine creator manifest in form. We are indeed created in the likeness and image of. Let us use this power of the NOW to consciously co-creatie heaven on earth within and to know, without a doubt, that we are loved and supported on our Journey Home, to the God Within in this NOW moment of timelessness. May God Speed.