I’d like to share with you briefly about making transitions. And how you can make a physical transition in literally four weeks. I did that, literally, moving from Asheville to Sedona in literally four weeks.

So, I’d like to share with you a little meditation for all of you that perhaps are approaching a physical relocation in a very short amount of time. Because timing is everything. So, close your eyes, come into the now moment, come into the here now be with your body, knowing you’re not your body.

Letting go of the day, letting go of the chaos of the planet, letting go of everything you do, Liz. Tribal cautionists, all of it. Center with your body, ground your body. And begin to raise awareness from the heart chakra up through the throat chakra, the third eye, ground chakra, and into the chakras above the head.

Moving up into more rarefied internal space frequency vibration into the quantum into the oneness. And recalibrate now, as you’re letting go of your past future of sudden changes, relocations, job changes, etc.

That you’re laying all those past conditions and patterns, you’re just letting them go by the wayside. And we’re going to tap in now to your new level of learning how to make, create, allow sudden changes to occur, be they physically, emotionally, emotionally, spiritually.

You are using the power of oneness and joy to move through these transition zones into new beginnings, into new awakenings. That you are allowing consciousness to be free of all limitations, of all unexpected and sudden necessary divine changes that are part of your life path.

Just allow that to be now, and as you come back to your body. You’re going to be bringing that awareness, that frequency, that vibration back into the heart chakra of your body. Back into the crown, back into your pineal, your throat, your base chakra, your feet, your hands, reground with the new earth.

And know that whatever changes you’re about to undergo will be in divine flow with the help of many angels and masters and beings of light. That you will and are making transitions very beautifully, effortlessly in joy and love, in laughter and humor, divine right timing.

And so it is. I’m here. I am now I am with your body. I’m at peace with all that is. So be it. Now, if you like that, please check out our new program to make the higher consciousness and their new membership program that’s on our website under new offerings.

And we have some offerings from Sedona as well. So please check that out. Please do come visit for a sacred hike. They are a most magical experience in the beautiful Red Rocks. So thank you for your listening.


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