After the Transformation…

I am writing this blog today to help any of you who may have encountered a transformation, either with an online activation or a live event, maybe a personal one on one session, or even a session with another healer.

Regardless, caring for yourself after you start shifting your awareness is very important and very beneficial.

Here are some awesome tips to help you do just that!

Before and After Care:

Always allow time and space to contemplate your desires for your session and/or workshop experience. What is most important to you, for you, in your life now? What is the greatest gift you can give yourself through this experience?

Ask yourself, “Am I truly ready for change and transformation”? Can I be in total trust and allowance for what is to come from my experience? Can I trust to be guided emotionally in my new openness and freedom (freedom from fear, doubt, worry and stress)?

After receiving the work, go home, relax, and take a nap and bath. Get good sleep that night. Allow quiet time to integrate and contemplate your new quantum state. We suggest you not go out, socialize or be around people after your sessions or event.

The work is subtle, delicate and can go very deep into your Core. Be gentle with yourself and allow your consciousness and body to fully receive and be nurtured. Drink lots o lemon water and eat in balance. The work continues to work after your initial attunement The work is cumulative and builds upon previous session work. Best way to integrate the work is to allow to go beyond “process and therapy” to a more instantaneous state of miracle transformation and change.

As a general rule of thumb even for anyone, try to remember to embrace all emotions that come forth with love, gratitude, thankfulness and joy. Then, release them unto the universe.

Feel what you are and own That as a living presence within the greater whole. Regarding old symptoms coming back even stronger or more intense after feeling great after your session, especially your initial session: Oftentimes, the symptoms appear and intensify and then transform and are no longer there immediately after the session.

What sometimes happens is that some people have difficulty with holding a free state and tend to go back to what is comfortable. And, at times, there is a layering effect and there is resistance in the mind-body connection that does not allow for complete transformation.

And, sometimes when a person who just received a session goes back into their old environment and/or relationships, they may tend to re-create the old stuff back since there is free will.

Sometimes, a person has unconscious resistance in the mind to fully accept and receive and, sometimes a person does not have a strategy or belief system about spontaneous healing or instant transformation or miracles even though they want to believe in them.

Self worth has a lot to do when people have difficulty self-healing. And, sometimes, a person’s karmic pattern will not allow for complete change of circumstances and body symptoms for they have not come to completion with issues on a consciousness level and need to experience the patterns.

Guilt and anger will hold anything in place on a cellular level. And, sometimes, a person is simply just not ready to change, receive or experience an alternate reality.

A Healing Crisis is sometimes necessary for you to be aware of what has been hidden in the unconsciousness mind, but Quantum Lightweaving® holds the state that you can receive and be spontaneous healing and miracle consciousness without having to process the layers of experience.

But, if you do want to process the therapeutics of core issues, then please do so with love and compassion.

Benefits are cumulative and include a wide range: enhanced self-esteem, relationships in flow, disappearance of stress and symptoms, stronger meditation and prayer, more creativity, focus and mental clarity, access to feelings and ability to express emotions, more soul presence in the body, money and abundance flow, self realizations, deeper Source connection, openings to spiritual gifts and talents, ease with Life, more joy, inner peace, tranquility and calm.

What is given, is given for all Eternity. It is given according to your belief and trust.


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