Want a better night’s rest?

Sleep… ahhhh the thought of sleeping, should bring feelings of restfulness and contentment. By all means it should, sleep is essential to our wellbeing! It protects your health, all health, mental and physical, so depriving yourself can cause chaos in your daily life as well as your body.

While sleeping, you are regenerating your cells as they are are cleansed and cared for, your brain is recharged, and your body is exempt from any activity at all to do nothing but rest.  Peaceful, right?

Well not for everyone. Some of us have problems night after night, tossing and turning, never falling asleep or having a sound sleep. For some, it may not happen often but when it does,it’s never a fun experience. Watching the clock keep ticking away, wondering if you will ever fall asleep, some may even reach for the bottle of sleep aids or OTC sleep syrup (never a good idea).

However, there ARE some things you can do, naturally, that can aid in getting a more peaceful and sound sleep! Simple to do, take a look:

TURN IT OFF! A big no-no before bed is using electronics. According to feng shui your not even supposed to have a television in the bedroom. This may be far fetched for some, however taking note of the electronics you do have and keeping them out of the way for bedtime is definitely suggested.

Try not to use computers, cell phones, video games, TV, radio, etc within one hour before bedtime. Keep all electric clocks, cell phones, and any other electronic equipment away from your head.

OPEN THE WINDOWS:  Some of you may live in climates where opening the windows during the night is difficult, too cold, too hot, too nosey, etc. However even leaving the window open just a crack can allow for some air to circulate in and send you off to dream time. Try also turning off all lights, a completely dark room works much better.

MASSAGE:  Massaging the feet before bedtime can really help in getting you to sleepy land. There are points in the feet that, when massaged, can be relaxing to your entire mind and body. Don’t worry if you are alone, you can do it yourself with the same benefits!

WATCH WHAT YOU EAT:  Stop eating at least 2-3 hours before bedtime. This will aid in digestion as well as allow your body to unwind and be calm in time for slumber. Deserts and sugars, of course can have stimulating effects, even if you don’t feel it, your body is still reacting to it. Refrain from sodas, beer, wine and coffee in the evening and replace with a sedative natural tea.

MEDITATE:  Doing work or even reading books or magazines before bed can keep us awake. Instead try to take a nice relaxing shower/bath and then meditate before bed.  This is a way of allowing your body to go through the natural progression of a calming 6-8 hour rest. Even just a 5-10 minute breathing relaxation routine will really improve not only how you fall asleep but also the quality of your rest!

Here are some additional hints when laying down, try to focus on your solar plexus area and energy field. Release all cords before bedtime.

Set your intention in your mind for a deep, restful, REM sleep and without the need to wake before its morning.  You can even set the intention of what time you want to wake up.

Take some deep breaths in and feel the presence of love in your body, if you are fighting to go to sleep or mad at yourself for something, this will cause a lot of discord which will not benefit you,  we should always love and honor ourselves no matter what. Of course if you have any of Kenji’s activations, listening to them at night will be helpful as well.

Good luck and sweet dreams!!



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