What is JOY? (and bonus Q&A)

Kenji on joy. lot of people want to heal themselves and be completely healthy or completely abundant and free from all pain and heartache. Thinking that having this will bring everlasting joy! Some of us may even look unto others with disabilities or hardships and feel sorrow or pity for them. However there are things that go on below everyone’s surface that it is important to keep in mind.


There’s an insight that I need to share, just so people understand about healing. People think healing is about making your body perfect, no illness, no stress, and mind being very clear. We have this spiritual idea of what healing is, what transformation is, even what ascension is.

Now this is not to say that people cannot shift a chronic physical illness, or a chronic emotional imprint, or a chronic psychological way of thinking; but healing is really when you allow the spirit to guide your life. Your soul, to guide your life, in spite of whatever is occurring in your body, in your business, in your relationship, with money, etc.

Think of it this way; one can be very happy and in an ascended state and not have money. To have a diseased body or a body that’s limited by disability or whatever you want to call it, being alone and with no relationship, you can still have this peace of your spirit guiding your life.

And so for people to look at that and go “Oh, wow, that person’s got the disability,” …or “They’re living month to month,” but what’s important is that YOU are happy. Not your ego, in a sense, of that you allow the soul to guide you, and that brings that peace.

Then we educate the ego to accept whatever shows up in your life, and not to fight it, and not to judge it, and not to make it wrong.

Then you really have true happiness, and watch what happens!!

Here is an added answer to a question we get asked a lot!!

Can I listen to more than one activation a day?

We suggest one activation per day, morning and/or evening before bed.

Depending on which package or activations you are working on, you can listen to one a day or even focus on one activation for a week (if doing a series or tele-course), then go to the next one in sequence.

If you are in a series, after you finish the activations, you can do again, this time one activation per day until you finish that round. After that, you can choose which activation to listen to as needed. The activations build upon one another and the effects are cumulative, so if you have a short mini healing crisis, or detox, it is normal and not to worry.

Allow anywhere from 2 weeks to 3-6 months to really see the changes, sooner if you meditate already and do spiritual work. Drink lemon water after each activation and make sure you are grounded before driving or preparing meals. Get plenty of rest!


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