Why some people do not heal?

Are you one of those who has gone to all the medical doctors, healers, energy workers, therapists and counselors you could find, and come away still wondering why your symptoms are still there, even after many years? Are you one of the many who have gone to workshop after workshop, get high and in a beautiful place, only to come crashing back to earth and your original state of discomfort, dis-ease and stress?

I used to wonder what circumstances and conditions would knock my clients and students “out of the state” after a couple of weeks from their session or intensive.

Clients would come in with a whole laundry list of lifelong symptoms, everything from depression, loneliness, lethargy, hopelessness and chronic pain of the first order. 99% of the time, they would leave pain-free, depression-free, symptom-free and energized for life. But they would hold the state for only a few weeks, and begin to experience some of their old symptoms again.

99% of my students would leave the training with a whole new outlook on life, feel source-connected, jubilant and full of energy, only to backslide back into their old symptoms. Again, I would wonder if their environment, their family situation, their financial situation, their boring job or lack of one, brings them back into their “old world” of separation and dis-connection.

What follows are some thoughts I believe are the contributing conditions to why some decide not to come for assistance, or follow up on their initial experience, and why some people tend to not fully heal from their initial experience.

The ego mind, or false perception/belief, may do everything it can to prevent or distract you from coming to or following up with someone who could assist you in your spiritual development. The body might produce a sickness, low energy, loss of willpower and any excuse (like I got relatives coming over) for not being available for your enlightened and transformative experience.

Sometimes the symptoms appear and intensify and then transform and are no longer there immediately after the session. This is called a quantum healing crisis that some experience. The value of this is so you can experience it and let it go so that it does not re-occur on any level of your consciousness. You keep the wisdom of the experience.

What sometimes happens is that some people have difficulty with holding a free state and tend to go back to what is comfortable. And, at times, there is resistance in the unconscious mind that does not allow for complete transformation. And, sometimes when a person who just received a healing experience goes back into their environment and relationships, they say, “You know, my husband does not believe in this”, so therefore, it must not be real.

Sometimes, a person has unconscious resistance in the mind to fully accept and receive from another or God, or angels and the session goes only so far, even though the state is there in their energy field for complete transformation.

Often times, when one goes back home, to their job and their usual way of life that does not energetically and emotionally support the new changes, one begins to be influenced by the old surroundings and slide back into social consciousness, or mass agreement about how things are.

If one does not have support for quantum level awareness and transformation, especially from their family members and their peers and co-workers, one begins to hide their new levels of awareness and begins to keep everything to themselves. They retreat back into the closet.

If a person does not have a strategy or belief system about spontaneous healing or instant transformation or miracles even though they want to believe in them, the effects will not hold. Self worth is very important.

A person’s karmic pattern may not allow for complete change of circumstances and body symptoms, for they have not come to competition with issues on a consciousness level and need to experience the patterns. Guilt and anger will hold anything in place on a cellular level.

Many not ready to change, receive or experience an alternate reality. Some people are really attached to their body and stress and too focused in the 3rd dimensional world and social consciousness.

Energetically, a person needs to have strong etheric, emotional, mental and soul bodies to hold the high states of quantum transformation, or the states will begin to dissipate over time.

It takes great courage to be free of mass conditioning. If the healing experience is “out of the box”, some may have a hard time believing what is occurring, and begin to have self doubt, which will affect the outcome of any healing experience.

Kenji Kumara


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