FREE GIFT:”Best Of” Magnetizing Money – Activation Package 

Wealth & Abundance is a MINDSET

Would you like to activate your abundance mindset to attract more wealth?  Would you like to be able to give abundantly to your family and friends?  Would you like to treat yourself to vacations, beautiful clothing, retreats and anything else you desire?

This package will help you attract money into your life, but it’s about more than just money.  Once you have an abundant mindset, you will become a powerful manifestor in ALL areas of your life.

You can rewrite your ideas and programming around money to become someone who attracts money and prosperity into your life.  These activations will open the floodgates and allow abundance to flow into your life effortlessly.

This is Kenji’s “Best of the Best” activations for Attracting Money.

“This Money Magnetism package is very powerful – thank you so much!”
— Angel C.

“This is AMAZING! I listened to each track last week and feeling major shifts and ah-ha moments. Listened to DNA activation twice when directed …. Your work is life-changing! Thank you, Kenji.”
— Suzanne Harvey
What Do You Get:

5 MP3 Audio Activations Around Increasing Money, Wealth & Prosperity
4 Hours & 30 Minutes of Audio

Activations Included:

Money and Success – 1 Hour 11 Minute

Why is money such a great challenge in people’s lives? Is it something stored in your conscious awareness? Do you secretly believe there isn’t enough money to go around or you don’t deserve to have it? Perhaps you were raised to believe money is the root of all evil, or that rich people are not good people. Kenji explains that even if you have a healthy view of money, you may have some issues in the background, like unclosed apps, imprinting you to resist abundance. We live in a world where we are led to believe that healers, caregivers, even teachers are not supposed to make a lot of money. This is something we can change.

During this activation, let’s shift your energies into that of deserving and abundance! Just because others struggle doesn’t mean you have to struggle. Join us for this journey and let’s start cleaning your path to abundance! There is more than enough for everyone!!

New Perspectives On Money – 1 Hour Audio
We will offer solutions (to free ourselves from the matrix of lack and limitation) as we go deep into the collective unconscious and tribal beliefs regarding money, power, and status.

Generational Healing: Money & Power – 1 Hour Audio
Enter your collective unconscious of your ancestors and family members regarding their beliefs and concepts on these 2 most powerful and ingrained cultural ideas and heal your deep-seated beliefs to allow wealth to flow into your life.

Money Healing DNA – 1 Hour Audio
Most of us hold conditionings in our DNA around money: the use of money, the receiving of money and the management of money. Finally heal the blocks to abundance, prosperity and unlimited thinking.

Clearing Obstacles to Financial Prosperity – 15 mins
Collapse all negative emotions and beliefs about money, and collapse any interference with your ability to receive abundance. You will experience deep healing of the base chakra, and receive the vibration of green, balance, abundance and growth to support your life and work in all areas.