For your weekly meditations and prayers
Food for Thought for each week
  • To ask your Creator: What would you have me to, see and say today?
  • You can become the teacher of What and Who You Are
  • All fear is doubt about yourself and who you are
  • The Truth shall be revealed to you as you Ask with an open heart and mind
* Inspired from the Oneness.
** These are active and live activational meditations and prayers so do them in a sacred space where you are alone and in a quiet environment with no distractions. Try for 30 minutes. Drink water afterward. Be grounded, centered and calm before driving your car.



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Be Still And Know

Contemplative Meditation Be Still And Know Giving and Receiving are one and the same. Give to others what you have received and receive from others what you have given. There is never loss, only gain. See others for who they are and not what you want them to be. See...

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Stay in the Oneness

  What is created out of fear, lack, doubt, and survival is of illusion and will not last. What is created out of unconditional love and allowance is permanent and of Spirit. You are always safe, and your survival can never be threatened. If you live by what you know...

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Meditation for the month – Letting Go of Loss

"All that is lost is what has come from fear.  What is of Love can never be lost or stolen."   Feel into this contemplation whenever you experience a loss of any kind, or the opportunity of  letting go emotionally, mentally and physically of the past.   ...

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