You are awakening to a desire for deeper inquiry into your higher purpose, so it’s a time when many are searching for deeper answers, like you, and this is where the past life and ancestral conversation usually comes into the picture in a powerful way.

If you’re longing for access to higher sources of knowledge and understanding, like the galactic council of celestial elders, the galactic council of light, and other ascended masters, keep reading and discover some of the ways I can help you find and utilize the answers you now seek.

Who Was I In My Past Life?

This is a question that serious spiritual seekers like you have and it’s something I find great satisfaction in helping people discover! 

So, how does one gain access to past life experiences and information?

The first and foremost prerequisite is a willingness to be open to the guidance and wisdom that past lives can reveal. You must have a real desire to use this new knowledge as a tool for examining and healing destructive patterns of thought and belief that have manifested in this lifetime.

Doing a past-life-guided meditation is a wonderful way to tap into ancient memories that reside within your DNA. These memories can be accessed with the help of a master teacher who can guide you through altered states of consciousness and into expanded states of awareness where ancestral emotional patterns dwell. Proper meditation techniques can facilitate the process of healing and releasing these emotions from the body, organs, nervous system and energy field, i.e., the etheric, emotional, mental and physical bodies.

Past life experiences are held within the Akashic Records. The benefit of learning how to bring our focus and awareness into this realm of higher knowing is that we gain an ability to tap into ALL levels of our innate wisdom. We become adept at bringing forth healing for the body and the mind. We open ourselves to the wisdom of ancient galactic councils and ascended masters.


Memories from Atlantis, Lemuria, Maladek, and The Sirian Star Cluster


Past life memories can extend through and beyond ancient Earth civilizations like Atlantis and Lemuria to include experiences that originated on Maladek and/or the Sirian Star Cluster. For me, this is where I went in my discovery as to my own past lives.

Throughout galactic history, there have been beautiful, enlightened, technologically advanced civilizations, as well as terrible wars of mass destruction. The souls of starseeds, as you already know, carry ancient memories and scars from these events and civilizations. These carry-over wounds are reflected in the inner and outer battles that play out in the physical and astral worlds today.

As with Earthborn past life memories, one must have an intention for revealing and healing these memories for transmission to occur.

Early childhood experiences, including birth trauma, are reflective of our most ancient memories and wounds. Therefore, early relationships with those who raised us can offer clues to the origin and nature of these ancient soul imprints. They will continue to manifest as internal and external conflicts in our lives until they can be healed and released.

It’s important to note that not all ancient/past life memories are negative. We carry all the learning and wisdom gained in previous life experiences as well. These positive carry-overs give us strength and serve as tools for healing and transformation along the way.


Transmissions from the Beyond

The process of accessing the wisdom of past lives and ancient akashic memories can bring us to new levels of human and spiritual experience. The healing we can tap into is transformative. 

Some of the messages my clients have received are:

  • Love yourself
  • Reclaim your innate power and wisdom
  • Accept your true nature and identity
  • Know that you are loved, supported, and cared for by your Creator
  • Love all your experiences without judgment
  • Appreciate and show gratitude for your life, no matter how it expresses in your world
  • Be kind to yourself. Love others as you love yourself
  • Treat others as you wish to be treated
  • Do the best you can each and every day, that is enough
  • All answers lie within your greater self
  • Trust in the unsee
  • Have complete faith within the self


Messages like these are proof that our higher self, our deepest soul, our true nature is love. Tapping into past-life/ancient memories can give us a direct experience of this truth. It can bring profound healing to all levels of our being, freeing us from wounds we have carried through eons of incarnations, and offering a space and opportunity to live as our Creator intended.

Integration for Healing 

Integration of the healing codes that come through past life work is an essential part of the healing process. This can occur through awareness practices such as yoga, meditation, and mindfulness techniques, which provide the inner space for restructuring the soul’s blueprint.

Engaging in past life inquiry, tapping into the ancient healing codes, and integrating the new knowledge and understanding can provide powerful tools for managing your life with ease, peace, and centeredness. These tools come from the very root of your soul… your personal connection to the source of all life.


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