Moving Beyond Past Life Imprinting

Before birth, within the causal planes, we have a council meeting with our guides, masters and Divine teachers to plan our life path, purpose and lessons to be learned. At this council meeting, we also choose our parents and other potential significant relationships....

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On remaining grounded during the “earth changes”

No matter how much humanity, in general, is freaking out and exhibiting weird, strange and extreme behaviors, it is important to keep your focus and attention on the light of understanding and compassion, and to not give in to the mindset of those that set up world...

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23rd Psalms Revisited

Kenji's version in ( ) 23rd Psalms The Lord (Light and Love) is my Shepherd (my guide and source); I shall not want (need). He/She makes me to lay down in green pastures (7th Heaven); He/She leadeth me beside the still waters (Mother Mary’s/Kwan Yin's Garden of...

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Ides of March…ing to Your Own Drum

he Ides of March. March is an interesting Month, daylight savings for most parts of the United States, where we can play with time, St. Paddy’s day for our Irish friends, Spring is peaking through the winter frost…..and then we have the notorious...

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Why Deep Breathing is so Beneficial

Deep Breathing Benefits. We have all heard the phrase, “take a deep breath and relax”. Perhaps during times of meditation, yoga or maybe someone is just telling you to calm down.   Either way it is heard often, but why? Why is deep breathing the answer? Well I decided...

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How to Connect With Your Inner Voice

ello! This came across to me and I just wanted to share with you some ideas. Take what you need and leave the rest. Live by the Golden Rule Give gratitude whenever possible Remember the Law of One Listen, meditate and wait for the right time to act...

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Shift in Consciousness… Are you feeling it?

lthough I have created Quantum Lightweaving®, a transformational system that produces quick and gentle on-going shifts in consciousness, mind, body and emotions – ‘anybody’ can not only learn this work, but may also have been experiencing these...

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Mercury in Retrograde – Focusing on the Positive

ou may hear a lot about how much Mercury can mess up your life when he turns around a few times a year. However, to lighten up the new year, I figured for a positive change I would write about all the wonderful things you can experience during...

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Chakra Systems Are Highways That Funnel Light

id you know you have many chakra systems, not just the familiar 'standard 7' you may have heard about? In the video below I explain how you should think of your chakra system as "highways that funnel light" to your body. Light passes through your...

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The tooth fairy is real!

his is a personal story I, Danielle, wanted to share to help anyone going through a difficult event or pain or anything that may seem like its so difficult you just don't know what to do. I have had things like this my entire life, problems just...

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November 11th, so?

What is all the hype about 11:11? ou may be hearing of people getting prepared to meditate for 11/11/15, or perhaps inviting you to join some sort of ascension ritual or at the very least you are just hearing lots of gab about it. Regardless of why...

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Seasonal Affect Disorder – Don’t Believe the Hype!

uring this time of year a lot of us may have “daylight” issues with the turning back of the clocks through most of the United States. If you live in one of our wintery/cold areas, then you very well may not be getting enough daylight. Seasonal...

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You Can Do IT!!

any of you have seen Kenji's postings and images about his climb to the top of the red rocks at Boynton Canyon. Truly motivational and definitely inspiring. We may sometimes get caught up in news of depressing information; maybe the financial...

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After the Transformation…

am writing this blog today to help any of you who may have encountered a transformation, either with an online activation or a live event, maybe a personal one on one session, or even a session with another healer. Regardless, caring for yourself...

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Live Events and Why They Are So Awesome

enji offers lots of activations that can help to clear your blocked items, accelerate awareness, guide you to inner peace, even help create joy in your life. However, nothing is an amazing experience as attending one of his Events Live. We have...

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What is JOY? (and bonus Q&A)

enji on joy. lot of people want to heal themselves and be completely healthy or completely abundant and free from all pain and heartache. Thinking that having this will bring everlasting joy! Some of us may even look unto others with disabilities...

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Want a better night’s rest?

leep... ahhhh the thought of sleeping, should bring feelings of restfulness and contentment. By all means it should, sleep is essential to our wellbeing! It protects your health, all health, mental and physical, so depriving yourself can cause...

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