1:11 Gateway Empowerment

Monday, Jan 11, 2021
5PM Pacific / 8PM Eastern
Replay Available

Join us for a celebratory evening of another 1:11 gateway empowerment. This is a follow up gateway to the recent Winter Solstice Ascension Stargate event. We will be using the energy of 1 (prime number) as we move through the 1:11 Gateway (master number) into the beginning phases of the new age of enlightenment.

New Earth Transmission 1

Sunday, Jan 24, 2021
10AM Pacific / 1PM Eastern
Replay Available

We will tap into the 5-D dimensional grid system and have the opportunity to move beyond 5-D into the higher dimensions as you drop the burdens of the 3-D and 4-D matrix. It is time to infuse your etheric and physical body with more divine light. The more light your body can embody, the more your consciousness expands and the greater Joy and Love you will express into the world. Your body has the capacity to hold 100% dvine light. At that point, your Inner Sun will shine brightly in all dimensions, in all ways, in all timelines.

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Recent Events & Activations

Christ Meditation 2

Sunday, Jan 10, 2021
10AM Pacific / 1PM Eastern
Replay Available

This is our new 2021 mediation series that will help you to deepen your meditation practice and activate, to deeper levels, the healing of your body. As we enter into the Aquarian Age of Enlightenment, your consciousness and body will be moving into finer and finer quantum vibrations of wholeness and oneness.

Christ Meditation 2

December 2020
Replay Available

Christ Meditation: A spontaneous meditation for aligning with the christ within. A great way to start and end your day. Activates healing on many levels. Brings your physical body to resonate to higher dimensional frequencies. Receive deep balance within your sacred heart. A great weekly reminder to stay in the flow of life. Listen regularly in 2021. This is the first in the 2021 Christ Meditation Series. Enjoy.

(FREE) New Year Peace Meditation and Hook Up to New Earth

Friday, January 1, 2021
10AM Pacific / 1PM Eastern USA
Live Video Presentation
Edited replay/download available

2021 is going to be another year of extreme changes, transitions, polarity as well as the infusion from our central spiritual sun of massive quasar, photonic, plasma and gamma ray particle waves which will enhance consciousness expansion, growth, renewal, rebirths, transmutation and transformation within all of our subtle bodies and timelines.

 Full Moon Divine Feminine Christ Activation (2020)

Wednesday, Dec 30, 2020
5PM Pacific / 8PM Eastern USA
Replay/Download available

For the last Full Moon of 2020, we are going to hook up and align with the galactic divine feminine christ archetype and matrix for the healing and balancing of the divine masculine and feminine within us. The activation will also be a culmination and integration of the spiritual work we have done in this year of great change and transition.

Winter Solstice 2020 Ascension Stargate

Monday, Dec 21, 2020
5PM Pacific / 8PM Eastern USA
Replay/Download available

Are you ready for perhaps the most important event in our history? Join us for this auspicious galactic and planetary event at the 2020 Winter Solstice. It is likened unto a planetary Initiation into the next octave of evolution.

Planetary Light Meditation 19

Sunday, Dec 20, 2020
10AM Pacific / 1PM Eastern USA
Replay/Download available

You (and your peeps) are warmly invited to attend the last Planetary Light Meditation for 2020. This spontaneous event will bring to closure and integration all of the previous PLMs, Special Planetary Transmission and Kenjination Call given this year since March. The energy will be building to a crescendo so come prepared for peak experiences and revelations of any order. The benefits from these calls have built upon one another and the effects can go extremely deep into your psyche and sub-atomic structure of your body and mind.

 Money Reset Workshop w/ Grace & Kenji

 Sunday, Dec 13, 2020
3pm PT / 6pm ET USA
Replay/Download available

This 3 hour workshop will prepare you for your 2021 soul path manifestations and your 5-D and beyond quantum expression of your soul signature. The healing of your subconscious mind is one of the prerequisites for living on the New Earth and 5-D consciousness.

 12:12 Stargate – Pre New Moon/Solar Eclipse

Saturday, Dec 12th, 2020
8pm ET / 5pm PT USA

Replay/Download available

 Join us for the last Stargate event of 2020. This event will be amplified by the pre New Moon and Solar Eclipse energy. Today, we will bring forth the symbolic, archetypal and numerical power of 12:12 (or 12 times 12 equals 144, a sacred number). The 12 Tribes of Israel, the 12 meridians, the 12 major chakras, the 12 layers of the auric field, the 12 light bodies, the 12 months of the year, the 12 signs of the common zodiac, the 12 recognized planets. 12 is a very symbolic number and carries within it, divine power.

Planetary Light Meditation 18

Sunday, Dec 6, 2020
10AM Pacific / 1PM Eastern USA
Replay/Download avaiable

As we approach the conclusion of a year of the unexpected, the unseen, the unfathomable, the extremes of polarity and the breakdown of the old matrix of illusion, this PLM is important in the sense of bringing to closure and integration the many changes that are birthing forth, for healing and for acceleration and expansion.

Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon Activation

Sunday, November 29, 2020
$33 Retail / Early Bird through 11-26 midnight ET $27
Replay/Download Available

In this lunar eclipse event, you will have the opportunity to create massive change and transformation in your life. Use the power of this lunar event to go deep within for the transmutation of hidden fears, phobias and mental traumas. The full moon will help you to bring the light of awareness into your hidden shadow aspects and past lives so you can bring those memories into the Light of Transformation.

Planetary Light Meditation 17

Sunday, November 22, 2020
1AM Pacific / 1PM Eastern USA
Replay/Download available

As we collectively move towards the Great Awakening that will be triggered by this year’s Winter’s Solstice and cosmic earth initiation, today we will gather as One to bring forth individual and collective healing and cleansing for our 4 lower bodies and the atmosphere of GAIA, thereby allowing greater Light and Blessings to be bestowed upon the Earth and humanity.

11:11 Stargate Activation 2020

Wednesday, November 11, 2020
Replay/Download available

Join us for a powerful cosmic opening through the 11:11 Gateway to the Great Central Sun in preparation for the important Winter Solstice Earth Initiation into the 5th dimension and New Earth matrix.

Journey Beyond The 5-D (Dual Event with Grace Hom)

Sunday, Nov 8th, 2020
4PM Pacific / 7PM Eastern Time USA

This is a shared event with presentations from Kenji Kumara & Grace Hom. We will be moving beyond the 5-D reality and accessing and aligning with the 6-D to 8-D dimensional realities to bring forward a greater perspective and knowing of how to create the New Earth

Come prepared for a powerful group activation.

Planetary Light Meditation 16

Sunday, Nov 8th, 2020
10AM Pacific / 1PM Eastern USA

As the post election chaos continues to affect the psyche of humanity, we now have the opportunity to clear the shadows of our ancestry as we help humanity to also clear the density of the collective shadows of their past earth incarnations. The cleansing of the earth continues on the inner planes of consciousness in spite of the shadow resistance that is being brought forth into the light of compassion.

Planetary Light Meditation 15

Sunday, Oct 18th, 2020
10AM Pacific 1PM Eastern USA

In our continuing series on personal and planetary healing, we will move further into the collective unconscious to heal the ancestral and collective wounds of our past. The intensity is reaching its zenith (for how long is still to be determined) and we must stay in divine balance to ride out this wave of transformation. This is the last PLM before our elections as we witness the playing out of the polarity of the old matrix. It is important to stay in divine neutrality as we witness the destruction of the old ways and the bringing in of the NEW.