Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon Activation

Sunday, November 29, 2020
$33 Retail / Early Bird through 11-26 midnight ET $27
Replay/Download Available


In this lunar eclipse event, you will have the opportunity to create massive change and transformation in your life. Use the power of this lunar event to go deep within for the transmutation of hidden fears, phobias and mental traumas. The full moon will help you to bring the light of awareness into your hidden shadow aspects and past lives so you can bring those memories into the Light of Transformation.

Planetary Light Meditation 18

Sunday, Dec 6, 2020
1AM Pacific / 1PM Eastern USA
Replay/Download avaiable


As we approach the conclusion of a year of the unexpected, the unseen, the unfathomable, the extremes of polarity and the breakdown of the old matrix of illusion, this PLM is important in the sense of bringing to closure and integration the many changes that are birthing forth, for healing and for acceleration and expansion.

Peace House Gatherings

Dates Coming Soon

This is an in-person Light Gathering of like-minded Souls who want to assist in the clearing and stabilization of the Asheville-Blue Ridge Mountain grid system and vortex areas.

Kenji will lead the group in helping to re-structure, re-align, re-set ad re-calibrate the western Carolina Mountain range and specifically the Asheville generational DNA.

Monthly Live Activations & Q&A with Kenji

Twice a month, you have the opportunity to hop on a live group call with Kenji Kumara.  He hosts live activations, Q&As, New Earth Upgrades and more.  Join the calls by getting a Joyful Lightweavers membership.   Only $30 and try it for 1 month for free.  You will also get discounts on events, activations, and monthly free audios.  Join now.

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Recent Events & Activations

Planetary Light Meditation 17

Sunday, November 22, 2020
1AM Pacific / 1PM Eastern USA
Replay/Download avaiable


As we collectively move towards the Great Awakening that will be triggered by this year’s winter’s solstice and cosmic earth initiation, today we will gather as One to bring forth individual and collective healing and cleansing for our 4 lower bodies and the atmosphere of GAIA, thereby allowing greater Light and Blessings to be bestowed upon the Earth and humanity.

11:11 Stargate Activation 2020

Wednesday, November 11, 2020
Replay/Download avaiable


Join us for a powerful cosmic opening through the 11:11 Gateway to the Great Central Sun in preparation for the important Winter Solstice Earth Initiation into the 5th dimension and New Earth matrix.

Journey Beyond The 5-D (Dual Event with Grace Hom)

Sunday, Nov 8th, 2020
4PM Pacific / 7PM Eastern Time USA


This is a shared event with presentations from Kenji Kumara & Grace Hom. We will be moving beyond the 5-D reality and accessing and aligning with the 6-D to 8-D dimensional realities to bring forward a greater perspective and knowing of how to create the New Earth

Come prepared for a powerful group activation. 

Planetary Light Meditation 16

Sunday, Nov 8th, 2020
10AM Pacific / 1PM Eastern USA


As the post election chaos continues to affect the psyche of humanity, we now have the opportunity to clear the shadows of our ancestry as we help humanity to also clear the density of the collective shadows of their past earth incarnations. The cleansing of the earth continues on the inner planes of consciousness in spite of the shadow resistance that is being brought forth into the light of compassion.

Planetary Light Meditation 15

Sunday, Oct 18th, 2020
10AM Pacific 1PM Eastern USA


In our continuing series on personal and planetary healing, we will move further into the collective unconscious to heal the ancestral and collective wounds of our past. The intensity is reaching its zenith (for how long is still to be determined) and we must stay in divine balance to ride out this wave of transformation. This is the last PLM before our elections as we witness the playing out of the polarity of the old matrix. It is important to stay in divine neutrality as we witness the destruction of the old ways and the bringing in of the NEW.

Planetary Light Meditation 14

Sunday, Oct 4th, 2020
10AM Pacific 1PM Eastern USA

Join us for another powerful planetary activation as we move deeper into the unknown to heal our collective unconscious and disengage from the old matrix of pain and suffering. Your ancestosr and pets are most welcome.

Planetary Light Meditation 13

Sunday, Sep 20, 2020
10AM Pacific 1PM Eastern USA

Let us come together in the oneness of thought and being and bring forth, not only your personal healing and transformation, but also the enlightenment for this planetary system and all life upon it. We can choose another outcome than what we see on the news and videos. We have the power to alter this timeline and the destiny of earth. The power to hold the State of Becoming is our’s to have and to blecome. We invite all to join us, including your ancestors, family members and pets, and your guardian angels and higher selves. We will use the magical power of 13 in this spontaneous transmission from the Quantum.

Planetary Light Meditation 12

Sunday, Sep 6, 2020
10am PST / 1pm EST (US and Canada)
Live Activation Meditation

In this continuing series, Planetary Light Meditation 12 will focus on assisting in the clearing of the planetary “intensity and heaviness” that is upon humanity. So much drama news is saturating the airwaves and affecting young and old alike and is triggering the “fear”, “doubt”, “anxiety”, “panic”, “worry” and “depression” response in the general population and those that are not yet awake enough to see the truth of things and the ascension process of GAIA.

Planetary Light Meditation 11

Sun, Aug 23, 2020
10am PST / 1pm EST (US and Canada)
Live Activation Meditation

Join us in another unique followup Webinar presentation to the previous Planetary Light Meditations as we collectively build the energy for the manifestation of the new earth. As we continue to witness the collective pain, stress, anxiety, confusion and chaos that is upon our planet and societies, we each have the opportunity to take back our power, our free will, our innate ability to creative personal and collective change and transformation on this earth plane. We each have the wisdom and foresight to bring healing to our body, mind and environment. We each have the tools and talents to shift our perception to what is truly real and sustainable. We are no longer victims of tribal consciousness and mass programming that has infiltrated our 3rd dimensional world.

Lionsgate 8:8:20

August 8, 2020
5PM Pacific / 8PM ET USA

Join us for this important 8:8:20 Lions Gate Portal activation. This is a much needed activation in these times of the great awakening that is upon planet earth. Our focus will be on embodying the highest level of your I AM into the cells of your body, your dna, your brain center, your sacred heart, your chakra system, meridians, nadis and spinal channels. We will work with clearing the psychic impediments, blocks and stagnant emotional bundles.

Planetary Light Meditation 10

Sunday, Aug 9th, 2020
10AM Pacific / 1PM Eastern (US and Canada)

Join us in this follow up Video Webinar presentation of our precious PLM activations. The world is still processing the effects of the back and forth lockdown and social distancing mis-information. Who and what is believable? Theme: Releasing Your Anxiety & Stress / Planetary Cleansing. Custom Activation on your Intentions

Planetary Light Meditation 9

Sunday, July 26th, 2020
10AM Pacific / 1PM Eastern

As we continue to journey further into this series, our focus today will be on deepening our transcendental experience of the ascension process and healing the post global event stress.

Join us for a powerful journey into the unknown, into the void of what is possible. Your soul group is welcome to attend.

Restful Sleep Activation – New Moon

July 20, 2020 – New Moon
5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern USA – 1 Hour

Join us as we bring forth a spontaneous deep sleep activation that you can memorize for your nightly sleep protocol.

Planetary Light Meditation 8

Sunday, July 12th, 2020
10AM Pacific / 1PM Eastern

In this continuing series, we will go into how we can implement the internal changes we have been creating to manifest the New reality we desire according to our soul’s vision as we move further into the Great Planetary Shift.

Freedom Day Celebration

July 5, 2020
10AM Pacific / 1PM Eastern USA

Join us for a celebratory experience of this Freedom Energy and how you can express It in your daily life, without effort, without thinking, without doing. We can experience the practice of Being in a physical body while walking upon the Earth and not being of it.

Planetary Light Meditation VII

Sunday, June 28th
11AM Pacific / 2PM Eastern USA

In this follow up to PLM VI and the previous meditations, including the Special Planetary Transmission and kenjination support call, we will go further into the collective unconscious and bring forward the healing from past lives as it relates to the current world situation and the continued Lock down & uncertainty around opening back up.

Solstice-Solar Eclipse-New Moon Event

Sunday, June 21st
10AM Pacific / 1PM Eastern USA

This is an important pivotal Solstice-New Moon-Eclipse event that will carry us through to the rest of the year. This is an auspicious portal opening that will be magnified by the changing of the seasons, a new moon of opportunities and the solar eclipse of expanded consciousness. We invite you to partake of this grand event as we journey deeper into the realms of Bliss, Cosmic Connections and Soul Activations.

Planetary Light Meditation VI

Sunday, June 14th
2PM Eastern / 11AM Pacific

In our continuing Planetary Light Meditation series, this call will further deepen the effects of the previous meditations and help support the clearing of the pathway to wholeness and oneness. Many medical professionals are experiencing burnout, overwhelm, anxiety, depression, extreme stress and doubts about their future, on many levels as a result of the post Lock down. You could say it is a form of PTSD resulting from the limitations imposed upon society and the workplace. We will address these issues and provide quantum level support and inspiration to not give up and continue to move forward along your path of initiation.