Freedom Day Celebration

July 5, 2020
10AM Pacific / 1PM Eastern USA

Join us for a celebratory experience of this Freedom Energy and how you can express It in your daily life, without effort, without thinking, without doing. We can experience the practice of Being in a physical body while walking upon the Earth and not being of it.

Planetary Light Meditation 8

Sunday, July 12th, 2020
10AM Pacific / 1PM Eastern

In this continuing series, we will go into how we can implement the internal changes we have been creating to manifest the New reality we desire according to our soul’s vision as we move further into the Great Planetary Shift.

The Happiness Retreat

Coming Soon

How would you like to wake up in the morning after a good night’s sleep feeling refreshed and energized and looking forward to your day? Welcome to The Happiness Retreat. A free online retreat to BE HAPPY! Once and for all.

Awakening Ascension Consciousness
Camp Disclosure Retreat

August 27-31, 2020
Highland Lake Inn & Resort
Flat Rock, NC 28731

Kenji will be presenting a 90 minute activational experience and co-leading a hike at Camp Disclosure!

Peace House Gatherings

Dates Coming Soon

This is an in-person Light Gathering of like-minded Souls who want to assist in the clearing and stabilization of the Asheville-Blue Ridge Mountain grid system and vortex areas.

Kenji will lead the group in helping to re-structure, re-align, re-set ad re-calibrate the western Carolina Mountain range and specifically the Asheville generational DNA.

Monthly Live Activations & Q&A with Kenji

Twice a month, you have the opportunity to hop on a live group call with Kenji Kumara.  He hosts live activations, Q&As, New Earth Upgrades and more.  Join the calls by getting a Joyful Lightweavers membership.   Only $30 and try it for 1 month for free.  You will also get discounts on events, activations, and monthly free audios.  Join now.

Recent Events & Activations

Planetary Light Meditation VII

Sunday, June 28th
11AM Pacific / 2PM Eastern USA

In this follow up to PLM VI and the previous meditations, including the Special Planetary Transmission and kenjination support call, we will go further into the collective unconscious and bring forward the healing from past lives as it relates to the current world situation and the continued Lock down & uncertainty around opening back up.

Solstice-Solar Eclipse-New Moon Event

Sunday, June 21st
10AM Pacific / 1PM Eastern USA

This is an important pivotal Solstice-New Moon-Eclipse event that will carry us through to the rest of the year. This is an auspicious portal opening that will be magnified by the changing of the seasons, a new moon of opportunities and the solar eclipse of expanded consciousness. We invite you to partake of this grand event as we journey deeper into the realms of Bliss, Cosmic Connections and Soul Activations.

Planetary Light Meditation VI

Sunday, June 14th
2PM Eastern / 11AM Pacific

In our continuing Planetary Light Meditation series, this call will further deepen the effects of the previous meditations and help support the clearing of the pathway to wholeness and oneness. Many medical professionals are experiencing burnout, overwhelm, anxiety, depression, extreme stress and doubts about their future, on many levels as a result of the post Lock down. You could say it is a form of PTSD resulting from the limitations imposed upon society and the workplace. We will address these issues and provide quantum level support and inspiration to not give up and continue to move forward along your path of initiation.

Planetary Light Meditation V

Sunday, May 31 11AM PT / 2PM ET USA

 This call will focus on the possible Post Shift reactions that are coming up for review. There may be some delayed PTSD and anxiety symptoms that will arise, so this call will help you to deal with these deep subconscious reactions and even memories from past lives from Atlantis and beyond. The keynote is Trust, Faith, Courage and Divine Balance.

Quantum Healing Series

2020 Special New Moon Quantum Online Series
Extracting The Pain for your body, emotions, and mind

Next Event: New Moon, May 21
8:00-9:30 pm ET USA

A quantum level group healing series on extracting the pain from the mental, emotional, and etheric//physical bodies. Springtime is an excellent phase for your healing and expanding your awareness into the New Earth frequency.

Planetary Light Meditation IV

Sunday, May 17 11AM PT / 2PM ET USA

It is a time to go within and to strengthen our connection with our Soul and Light Bodies. In this call, we will continue to build our spiritual strength and focus on what we want to create in the New Earth.

Planetary Light Meditation III

May 7, 5pm PT / 8pm ET USA 

 This call is a followup to the previous Planetary Light Meditations. In this call we will focus on clearing the unconscious blocks to manifesting your New Reality and how to move through this Shift with ease and grace. 

Last Super Full Moon of 2020

Planetary Light Meditation II

Sunday, April 26th

When 2 or more are gathered it produces an exponential quantum effect on humanity, GAIA and our solar system and galaxy.

Please join us for another Planetary Light Meditation to support our ascension into 5-D (and beyond) and the New Earth matrix

Kenjination Support Call

Sunday, April 12th
Free Call
Come join us for our first Kenjination support call on the world situation and how you are moving through the planetary reset and upgrade. This is a time to come together and support one another. Let’s share what has come up for you and how you are handling the lockdown.

Planetary Light Meditation I

Saturday, April 4th
12:00 PM EST / 9AM PST
A global transmission on bringing in the 5D Light to Gaia and humanity to support the transition into the new earth frequency. We will align with the Realms of Light, the angels and Brotherhood/Sisterhood of Light in coordinating the planetary cleansing, reset and upgrade that we all have been waiting for.

Special Planetary Transmission

Tuesday, March 31
8:00-9:00 pm ET USA
We are in the midst of the great planetary change as we are “witnessing” the fall of the old world matrix of control and domination and the rising of the new earth. How long it takes it up to us all, for right now, our power to manifest is at it’s zenith point. Join me in this spontaneous gathering of lightworkers and lightweavers as we create the kind of new earth that our souls desire.

Australia Activation to Restore Earth Grid

Sunday, January 12th
4PM Eastern / 1PM Pacific

Please join us in this special Australia Activation to support the Aborigines’ Uluru-Kata Tjuta Ceremony to restore their Earth Grid and Solar Plexus Chakra. We will do a spontaneous support activation as guided by the elders and the Sirius B Star system. Please spread the word and celebrate with us.

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Transmission – Clearing The Pathway To Transformation

Thurs, Jan 9th at 8PM Est/5PM Pst
44 Minutes

Join us for special Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse activation on Clearing The Pathway To Transformation. We will clear the remaining psychic debris from 2019 so we can bring in the New Year of abundance, prosperity, divine flow, and personal healing.

 2020 New Year Meditation

Jan 1st, 1:00-1:33 PM EST (10AM PST)

Join us for a powerful 1:1 at 1 pm meditational activation to set your quantum tone for your New Year of Miracles. This will be a spontaneous channeled vibrational alignment to what is possible for your expanded awakening into the new earth matrix.

 12:26 New Moon/Solar Eclipse Online Transmission

Thursday, December 26th at 8:00 PM Eastern / 5PM Pacific

Join us for a fabulous Solar Eclipse transmission from the Great Central Sun and the Christ Field of Oneness.  Receive your 2020 Upgrade and Reset with the solar vibration from the Sacred Heart of our Central Sun and the quantum transmission from the Photon Belt….

12:12 Central Sun/Christ Transmission 2019

Thurs, Dec 12th @ 12 PM Eastern / 9 AM Pacific

Join us for this powerful 12:12 Gateway and transmission from the Central Sun and the galactic christ field on 12/12. This 12:12 Gateway represents transmutation of the old matrix and the activation of accelerated illumination and soul empowerment for those on the path of initiation.

11:11 Gateway Empowerment 2019

Monday, November 11th at 11:00 AM Eastern / 8:00 AM Pacific

Join us for an empowering multi-dimensional journey through the 11:11 Gateway to your celestial homeland and star seed connection. 

Austin Activation – Your Spatial Peace on Earth


Austin-Texas Resonance Specifically Calls One & All to Oneness as You Quantum Voyage for All Possibilities. Collaboratively Proclaim Energies for Peace-Balance in this activation.

Asheville New Earth Spirit-Walk Collection


This Collection Reflects Timely Support for Your Gentle, Gracious Urgence into New Earth Emergence by Securing Your Earthly Footing with Multi-Versal Expression.

8:8:8 Lionsgate Star Gate Presentation + Activation


This gateway is an access point for the influx of cosmic level energies that are only given at this time of year from the star councils who oversee the evolution and ascension processes of humanity and Gaia.

Activate Your Light Series


RECEIVE DIRECT ASSISTANCE FROM the Archangels, Ascended Masters, Your Healing Team, Guardians and the Higher Realms of Light and Love in this EXCLUSIVE 5 Hour Activation Package to **ACTIVATE YOUR LIGHT**

Sacred 7 Sedona Vortex Activations Package

This Sacred 7 vortex package is a unique empowerment series that brings in the powerful vortex grid energy of some of the major power points in Sedona. These signature activations contain the ancient wisdom of the Elders, the blending of the male and female portals, the power of the Christ and Divine Feminine as it expresses through these power openings for the transformation and balancing of mind, body, and soul. Attune to the nature spirits, devas and elementals as they embrace you with their love and compassion.

Hawaii Retreat Package – The Journey Into Oneness: An Ascension Immersion


Hawaii Whale Spirit Sanctuary Offering is Your Direct Cathartic Expulsion & Renunciation of All that – is not – not True – not Divinely Yours – to Prime Your Channel as Multi-Dimensional Ready.  14 Activations from Kenji’s Hawaii Retreat.