Joy To The World Activation (3-Part)


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Join Kenji Kumara in this online intensive you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home. This powerful series, originally presented over 3-nights, promises to assist you in releasing what no longer serves you and will fill you with harmony, light and majestic waves that leave you expressing as more and more JOY!


Steeped in the bliss of expanded awareness these hours spent with Kenji can help deepen your spiritual practice, enhance your journey to a new earth consciousness and delve into divinity and joy.


Everyone is invited to join our guided meditation classes. Kenji makes it so easy for everyone to participate. We are encouraged to relax and to go within, to not question or ponder but rather just observe, breathe and just be with it. It’s so easy.

You will benefit if…

If you know you have special gifts to heal and be healed but can’t always seem to access them consistently on your own.

If you are feeling alone and disconnected, or if you want a stronger connection. It is your divine right to commune and connect with your healing team, soul group and helpers.

If you know divine guidance is calling but you just can’t seem to connect the call.

You feel you are in and out of 3-D and 5-D confused about your next step, but you do know you want to get on with your soul purpose now.

You are housing pain or disease in the body and looking for a release.

~~Your relationships with money, people and career can improve and you want be on the joyful healthy track now.

What is Possible?

Each one of us has a common seeking, we all search for health, peace, knowledge, prosperity, harmony and overall a happy and blissful life in all parts of our life and in all situations. Each and every person strives hard to achieve this state but can this really be achieved? Yes, this can be achieved, all this is possible! How Does it Work? Energy and the quantum: The cosmic energy exists everywhere it is the space between everything and keeps the cosmos together, it is the life force and is essential to keep the order of our life and expand our consciousness. It is the base of all of our actions and our functions. We receive this cosmic quantum energy multiple ways some of which are in deep sleep and deep silence. If we limit ourselves from fully receiving this energy we may not be sufficient and may feel exhausted and leads to stress and illness, the way to overcome this is to get more cosmic energy and expansive consciousness and fill yourself with JOY. Abundant cosmic quantum energy is achieved through meditation and with Kenji’s guidance he makes it seem simple and obtainable in our own unique way.

  • enhanced power of your body, mind and intellect
  • provides abundant energy
  • opens up to your 6th sense and beyond being and feeling relaxed, healthy and happy
  • reach greater heights in the physical realm

Meditation with Kenji is nothing but a journey of our consciousness towards the self. In this series, participants will transcend their perceived limitations as they experience their primary essence of Being, becoming more presently focused and living life more fully with miracles occurring daily! Now that is Joy to the World! Are YOU ready to discover the power of you, connect to the energy and vibrations of your masters, guides, healing teams, soul group and Guardian Angel? This class with Kenji will catapult you into the next level of manifested abundance and endless possibilities. You will learn that you already have everything you need within you and easily and effortlessly be guided to your knowing to your joy.

In this Activation Series, You Will…

  • Receive the gift of joyful awakening
  • Experience deep inner peace and serenity
  • Align with your soul’s purpose and access your inner knowing
  • Live your joy and inspiration as you trust life
  • Ignite your inner healer, experience spontaneous healing with your family and generational lineage
  • Improve your relationships and attract the people who will help you manifest your joyful reality


Originally Aired December 2014