Hi, this is Kenji and welcome to another joyful tune -ins. Today we’re going to do heal in as opposed to healing, heal in. Okay, so let’s come into the now moment. Use the power of the breath to focus and to be here now.

Then go with the day, connecting with the new earth, keeping your chakra flows open, the space above your head opened, the chakras in your hands open to receive. Heal in. So we’re going to tap the power of the heart for healing of the body, activating the threefold flame in the heart that represents the primary rays of creation, of which your body is a part, of which your consciousness is a part, activating those beautiful threefold flames, sacred heart.

We’re going to activate the pineal pituitary and thalamus. Thank you. activating the power of the hands and the feet. So let’s reconstruct our perspective. Perception is the key here. Thank you. So let us now perceive what it would be like to heal in, to activate the power, our innate power of healing, not only the body, but our emotional body, our mental body.

and our awareness. We were to activate the healing power within. Allow your body to feel the ignition of that power deep within the heart center. Choose an experience that you are working on currently and begin to breathe in, heal in, to that experience, to infuse that experience with the power of healing, which is basically the restoration of one’s integrity.

To restore to one’s innate and integrity. Feel that. Simply allow and breathe, receive, no effort. Allow it to move. And open up the mind to understand that he lean comes in many levels and forms and in unexpected ways.

So as you link up this healing vibration with the power of blessings and grace and miracles, you begin to initiate inner transformation on all levels of consciousness that apply. So let this energy flow throughout the rest of your day and into the evening time.

Kill it like the wind that moves freely across the planet. Let it move freely. So thank you for your time in experience this heal and have a wonderful day. Have a blessed week of healings, miracles and blessings.

So until next time, namaste.