Emotional & Pain Body Reconstruction Activation


45 Minute Activation
New Moon Activation


We welcome you and your loved ones into this New Year of great beginnings. Thank you for your time in reviewing this information.

We are going to welcome in this transformational New Year by offering a reconstruction of your emotional and pain body during the year’s first New Moon portal.

Many in the world are experiencing great emotional turmoil and challenges. The new portal opening of the Truth vibration January 4th, is bringing upon the Earth a new accelerated frequency of cleaning and purification that is necessary for humanity to evolve and ascend to the next octave of consciousness.

This New Moon activation will build upon what was received during the last Full Moon. All our core issues are being brought forth for healing and acknowledgement. The transition phase from the old world to the new one brings about a stretching effect that unsettles the emotional body. The call is to let go of old attachments, patterns and codes so the new ones can be uploaded into the brain and nervous system. This can be a great challenge to the body.

Remember, we are not our bodies, nor our experiences and emotions. The Soul uses them to find meaning and expression on the earth plane.

This live activation will bring forth the following for your personal healing:

  • Re-alignment and re-construction of your four lower bodies
  • Cleansing and purification of your emotional and mental DNA
  • Cleansing and re-calibration of your magnetic field
  • Sacred space to activate your junk DNA
  • Resetting of the four lower bodies with your Soul and body

What you can receive from this activation:

  • On-going miracles and revelations
  • Healthier mind-body connection
  • Greater mental clarity, emotional balance and physical mobility
  • Easier expression of your soul path and divine purpose
  • Greater integrity of your personal space and boundaries
  • More centered-ness and stability within
  • Enhanced inner peace, tranquility and serenity with all things

We, together in the Oneness, will journey deep within the layers of your consciousness and destiny, infusing truth, hope, faith and trust within the Soul, personality ego and inner child aspects. Your ability to maintain Source connection will be fortified through the power of Grace with the forces of love, allowance and the word. Your effects can be immediate and/or manifested gradually, over time, according to your ability to trust and receive.

Please feel free to pass on this information to your loved ones. Your pets and family members are encouraged to attend live, for the more that receive together, the greater the effect. Each listening builds upon the previous ones, so a cumulative effect is built into the consciousness and body.

Many Blessings,
Kenji & Team

Originally Aired January 20th, 2015 at 3pm PT/6pm ET