It is now time for the healing of your divine Inner Child. Are you ready and open to receive it now? Your Inner Child is waiting for you, the High Self, to bring her/him into the Light of Healing. The wounds and trauma that your Inner Child is holding is now ready to be healed and released, comforted and supported in the realization that All is embraced in the Mind of God, that God has never judged it nor condemned it. And that it has never sinned or gone astray. The benevolent Universe is waiting for your Inner Child to emerge into the Light, into Its sacred heart and into the rest of your Being.

The Love of God can heal all wounds, all conflicts, all mis-understanings, all hurts and shame. In the Upper Room, all experiences are made anew: all feelings of not being good enough, all thoughts of not being able to express yourself and all beliefs of not living up to the standards of living a perfected life is made anew through the power of Divinity, the essence of the Kingdom. Your Inner Child has the power to proclaim its freedom: I AM Free, I AM Free, I AM Free. Your Inner Child holds the power of innocence, of spontaneity, of creativity. It is time to bring your Inner Child into present time and merge with the rest of you, in balance and harmony.

The power of The WORD can set your Inner Child free. The WORD is Divinity in action. It is the power of manifestation. It is the creative force of your Universe, your High Self. Your Inner Child is Divine Creator manifesting in form, though your body and through your incarnation. That divine spark is your Inner Child. It is now time to become one with this divine spark of creativity and joy. Joy is one of the main attributes of your Inner Child, as is divine Love.

In your prayers, bring your Inner Child into the Upper Room and simply BE with her/him in oneness and love. The Love of God enfolds you; the Light of God surrounds you; the power of God protects you; the Grace of God blesses you; and the Presence of God watches over you – your Inner Child and your High Self. By the Grace of God, go I. May God Speed.