Are you seeking ways to find your spiritual path? Do you dream of meeting your spiritual guide? Do you feel you are here to fulfill a higher purpose?

You are not mistaken! Higher self-connection and discovering your soul’s calling on deeper and deeper levels is why you are here.

What is a “higher self” spiritual guide? It is simply connecting to the highest version of YOU.

Nature is healing humanity and the planet through YOUR process of self-discovery, self-connection and self-healing. Your soul is here to blossom fully into the beautiful magnificent being that is your higher self.

I’ve made it my life’s work to discover the truth of existence and to facilitate this discovery process for others.

I am excited to share with you some practical (and powerful) ways to find higher self-meaning in your life EVERY DAY.

Soul Whispers…

Your inner guidance speaks in soft, gentle whispers that arise from the oneness of all existence. It can only be discerned clearly in moments of non-thinking and non-judgment, when the mind is at rest and the intuitive channel is open. I see this instinctual guidance as God Within. It is how your soul moves you forward on the journey to higher and higher levels of wisdom, understanding and joy.

One simple way to recognize your inner guidance is to know that it is always loving and supportive. It is a source of inspiration that gently guides you to the next adventure, the next lesson, the next inward journey. It is a positive force for change and renewal. Learn to speak to yourself and treat yourself with kindness and compassion. This is a beautiful way to cultivate a true connection with the inner guidance of your higher self.

Connection Through Writing

Journaling has the potential to reveal hidden insight into your dreams and hopes as well as your fears, emotional blocks and resistance.

Write down your thoughts and visions of how you would like to experience life. Identify the values you want to live by. What gives you a sense of joy, peace, satisfaction and purpose? Include details about how it feels to imagine the grandest vision of your future.

Journal about the fears and doubts you have in expressing your soul’s calling and vision as well. How do you block yourself from full self-expression in relationships and in your career or work life? Keep in mind, real inner connection is about being kind and compassionate with yourself. Examining these blocks is not about self-reprimand or shame. It is simply an exercise to reveal what needs to be healed.


Nature Healing…

Nature walks are a wonderful way to facilitate an open dialogue with your inner spiritual guide. Nature helps the mind relax and tune in to the healing rhythms that pulse within all life. Nature is the feminine expression of God. She brings grace and blessings and helps us to feel nurtured and supported, grounded, and filled with inspiration and powerful life force energy. Nature supports our spiritual journey of awakening and enlightenment and imbues us with a sense of peace and calm.

We can leave the worries of our corporeal existence behind when we step into a forest… or even when we feel the grounding energies of the earth beneath our bare feet.

Set aside some time to be in nature every day. It will do wonders for your health and wellbeing on all levels. It will set you firmly on the path to spiritual growth and understanding by providing you a space and opportunity to open your heart and harmonize your soul to the rhythm of nature and spirit.


Nature Meditation for Spiritual Guidance

Meditating in nature is a wonderful way to utilize her powerful forces for profound self-discovery and guidance.

Find a quiet, comfortable spot and plant yourself, like a tree rooted deep in the earth. Feel the earth grounding and nurturing you. Call forth the energies that bring you joy, inspiration and peace.

Whatever questions arise, hold them gently with an open heart and mind. Contemplate what is most important and meaningful to you. Tap into the core values of your soul.

Some questions you may want to bring to your nature meditation are:

  • What is my higher purpose in life?
  • Where do I want to go?
  • Whom do I choose to be with?
  • How do I choose to express myself?

Giving and Receiving

Giving and receiving healing work of any kind fosters your alignment with higher self. Healing work, like massage, reiki, sound healing, guided meditation and yoga (among others) provide opportunities for you to open and receive. It’s a great way to practice the art of self-love and appreciation and to affirm that you are valuable and deserving of healing. Opening up to healing frequencies with love and intention allows joy to circulate in all your systems. It is this joy that brings healing and connection to life.

Giving to others allows that same energy of love and joy to flow through you. This can be even the smallest gesture of kindness such as a smile or word of encouragement to another human being.

Moments of giving and receiving love and healing put us in the flow of life, where we are guided by the calling of our highest self. These are the times when things seem to happen effortlessly because we have gotten out of the way so divinity can express through us. A sense of oneness, and feelings of connection and joy are signs that you are tapped into your divine flow.

Positive Intention

In any and all instances where you are seeking a deeper connection with your higher self, intention is a powerful key to gaining insight. Specifically, when you have an intention to see all events in your life as lessons that are here to guide you to truth, you will come to know, deep in the core of your being, that even in the most trying of circumstances and situations, you are never alone. God always “has your back” …even in the darkest night of the soul.

When you commit to discovering purpose in your life every day, you come to realize that YOU are the master of your reality and your world, and you have the innate power to change your inner and outer circumstances.

I invite you to step onto the path…

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Well, hello from Sedona and welcome to another joyful tune in. And today, we're going to share a little bit about Overwhelm and how to prevent overwhelm from stressing out your body and affecting your consciousness.

So, let's take a moment to center and ground. Imagine beautiful four pillars of light that are surrounding you at this time beautiful angelic light that is surrounding you and your home. Helping to create sacred space.

And the feeling of peace and tranquility. Now, if you look back in your life. You will notice those points in your life where you felt or experienced extreme overwhelm. So, this could be due to as what we call major turning points in your life.

Obstacles. Lesson points. Even traumatic events, unexpected events. That overwhelmed your nervous system. So, let's take a moment and move into the higher dimensions into the upper room into the oneness.

Let go of the world. Let go of the old matrix. Let go of tribal consciousness. Let go of everything that's going on in the world and for a moment to move awareness into that space. that infinite space, that permanent space of divine balance and harmony.

And we're going to channel this energy back to the body, back to those places in the nervous system that have historically become overwhelmed emotionally, psychologically, and energetically. Channel it into those chakra points where you normally would hold stress and tension and worry like your belly or like in the back of your neck.

And allow a very gentle transmutation. of these patterns in your body. A transmutation back into the light, back into oneness, back into love. Imagine your body being embraced by a thousand angelic beings of pure light.

Imagine being comforted by the Holy Spirit. Imagine reimagine a life that is stress free, free of overstimulation free of overwhelm free of it's too much. Where you are finding your sweet spot energetically of the balance between the inner and the outer, the feminine and the masculine, the right and the left, the visible and the invisible, the yin and the yang.

Now as you come back to the room in your body, continue to experience this feeling of flow and harmony within, especially your nervous system. Allow this energy to move throughout the rest of your day into next week even.

Allow it to move through your dream time, because this is your natural state of being. So thank you for tuning in. And for more information, if you are curious, please check out our new membership program that has opened up, and our upcoming Awaken Your Higher Conscious Mastery program.

And we are also on Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram. So find us there as well, KenjiKumara .com. Many blessings and have a beautiful day.