I’d like to share with you about transitions, how to make transitions, how to set up energetically a transition that you are about to experience with more ease and grace and flow and balance and harmony.

So try this as you move forward on your journey through life. So close your eyes and reimagine that you’re about to make a transition, be it a physical transition, an emotional transition, a psychological transition, and or spiritual transition.

And you are internally in your power, in your knowing that you are making the right move, that your move will be graceful and gentle and full of love and joy, obstacle -free, learning the lessons of this transition with much joy.

So reimagine this from deep within your soul, that the next transition that you will be experiencing is going to be one of beautiful divine flow, ease and grace, and that whatever lessons that you will be learning will be one that will be learned through joy, that will be learned through love, that will be learned through holding a very peaceful internal state.

Even if you are not sure of the outside. that you are holding this internal place of peace and balance within and allow this to occur naturally and effortlessly without resistance without self -doubt trusting that you are being guided each and every day to your most perfect physical and spiritual place in the world as you do your Dharma as you fulfill your soul mission your soul purpose to come back to the body now and open the eyes and know that it is done it is done it is done and for those of you that wish to experience more teachings we are offering a new membership program and a new advanced mastery six meeting program and both start in early May.


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