Imagine This!

A leading edge quantum physics theorist (Dr Fred Alan Wolf’s Yoga Of Time Travel) now believes that time travel is possible. Even a professor at the University of Washington in Seattle applied for a grant to demonstrate and prove that time travel is real.  Hypnotherapists can lead people back into time to change the present, which now changes the future (Back To The Future movie).

Meta-physicians and yogis can travel into the future to change the present. Ever read Spaulding’s Life And Teachings Of The Masters Of The Far East?  A true account.

What if one thought could change your whole life around (What The Bleep Do We Know movie)? Is it possible to use quantum theory and the complimentary healing arts to facilitate personal and societal transformation? What would be the effect of 100 people in any given city practicing quantum level thinking and behavior consciously?  I wonder…

As a quantum facilitator and visionary, my clients and students have given me feedback that tells me time travel is real, it works, and can be demonstrated energetically, and has lasting, positive effects.

So imagine this:  we can, very quickly and painlessly, lead people back before their birth, guide them and allow them, to re-create a different womb and birthing experience – which creates a totally new time line – that is brought up into present time to where their life begins to change instantly.

People have shared from that one experience; they feel and know themselves to be totally different, with new perceptions, balanced emotions, mental clarity and a spiritual sense of connectedness and peace.

Now imagine this: what if you were to allow a “collapse” of a pattern of feeling abandoned and left along by your parents when you were a baby? Imagine now that that issue no longer has any effect upon your life?  What would you do, and how would you behave in the world?

Or imagine this: what if you felt stuck emotionally and wanted a spiritual opening and shift in your life? How would you feel if the resolution to this attitude could occur within one second within your consciousness and you woke up, so to speak, in a totally different world?

Imagine being able to go into your future, your Hall Of Records, Akashic Records and bring back into your NOW moment, the knowledge that could help you in your current life situation. What if you could bring back to NOW future inventions and cures for diseases?

I remember working on an 11 year old boy in an Intro in Santa Fe who had 50 brain surgeries, and he said he wanted to go into the future to bring back a cure for medicine. He collapsed for about 20 minutes, slowly got up, gave me a high 5 and said, “Wow!!!” and walked back to his mother.

What would you feel if all of a sudden, you became the powerful person that you know you are and could begin to manifest your creativity and life purpose without having to really try? What if your life became a flow of ideas, intuition and inner knowing about all facets of your life?

We all have heard stories of the power of laying-on-of-hands. What if you could put your hands on people’s heads and their headaches instantly vanishes, and, in most cases, never comes back.  What happened? Imagine that on a quantum level, you and that person became one in a place of unconditional love and grace, and what was once there, all of a sudden, is not there.

So here is an interesting part of quantum theory that boggles most people’s mind: Whatever you see and perceive on a quantum level is dependent on your beliefs about what you are viewing. Change your thinking about what you perceive and that reality accommodates the belief.

In essence, what you see is what you get, according to your belief and trust. Simply put, your total reality and all the emotions in it are the product of your conscious and un-conscious belief system. Yet, miracles can happen outside of your belief system if you allow for, and receive the power of change.

From my experience in the healing arts for the past 40 years, it has become apparent to me that human beings truly want certain things – feeling successful, powerful, wanted, appreciated, and acknowledged.

People want that elusive feeling of lasting inner peace, divine love, harmony, balance and bliss. People want to feel connected to life, to God, to their peers, to nature, to society and their family.  What if you could begin to have all of this, naturally, gracefully, effortlessly, painlessly and quickly?  It is possible!


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