(Archive of Kenji’s Birthday Guestbook 2020)

How has Kenji impacted your life? Share a message of love and well wishes for Kenji on his birthday!

257 entries.

jean sullee

from not USA
Happy Birthday Wave Kenji
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Ursula Defferary

from Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Happy belated birthday, Kenji! Sending love and blessings. You have made a great difference in my life.
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from sedona
Happy Birthday over and over again Kenji..So grateful for the depth of your light. I see you deeply. The tribe has banded and we are all in it as way showers of a new time we are birthing into. Your Joy, Love and ability to transcend dimensions is soooo appreciated and needed. Your heart is as big and the ocean and beyond. Thank you for all you share on the planet at this time.. We love you Kenji.Cassie and Ben
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Darius Barazandeh

from Austin, Texas


Thank you for being in my life, brother.

Ever since that first call we did together way back that left me UNDER MY DESK ‘blissed out’ beyond belief you’ve been a friend, guide and mentor. You are pure light on our planet and a human and cosmic being of the highest order. Its has been a true pleasure to know and love such a wonderful and kind human being and powerful cosmic way shower.

While I am blessed to know you as a teacher and guide, my GREATEST HONOR has been to know you as a friend.

Happy Birthday my good man! Wishing you all the best of this world and all the other worlds you travel to on your daily journeys!

Much Love Always!


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Helen Sherry

from Foxton Beach, New Zealand
Happy Belated Birthday. Sending love and Light and the hopes that you felt cherished for the beautiful, generous, caring soul you are. May only blessings rain upon you this year to come. 💞
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Elga Konietzny

from Roxboro
happy Birthday dear Kenji
Blessings and Peace
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Arunima Srivastava

from Apex,NC
Dear Kenji,
Your birthday is still fresh, so very very Happy Birthday!
May you continue to be the Love, light, inspiration & and healings to one and all. May you be blessed in every aspect of your life!
So good to know you even if a little bit!
Best wishes always!!!🙏🙏🙏🙏
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from Florham Park
Belated Happy Birthday, Kenji!
Thank you for your years of sharing and caring. Many Blessings!
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Michaella Boudreau

from Neuhütten, Bavaria Germany
Dear Kenji,
happy belated Birthday wishes from Germany. I hope you had a very special day with all your friends and family. Wishing you always Peace, Joy and Love. Many blessings for all your daily work supporting people globally.
Keep healthy and safe!
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from Coachella Valley
The party is still ON Kenji.. you are allowed to celebrate as long as you want! Hau’oli la hanau with abundant wishes for a beautiful new solar year <3
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Linda Komis

from Dawlish, Devon UK
Happy Birthday Kenji!! Wishing you much love, joy and blessings. ❤️💐🎂✨❤️
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from Whitsett
Happy Birthday, Kenji!
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from Carlsbad
Happy Birthday Kenji. Many Blessings.
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from Iowa
Happy Belated Birthday, Kenji!! Thank you for ALL you do. Many blessings. Bonnie
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karen m lind

from Vancouver, Canada

Belated Happy Birthday Kenji

May you continue to shine your bright light
Thank you for so many life changing Activations since Sheila Gayle “discovered” you and invited you to be her guest on her Webcast.

Much Love & Gratitude,

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Sangeeta Kochar

from India
Belated Happy Birthday Kenji! May you continue to shine your light bright.
May your life be full of joy, happiness, laughter and love!
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from Leeds UK
Happy Birthday Kenji! Bit late doing this – thank you so much for everything you do and give. I enjoy your compassion and humour, long may you continue!
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Juan d’Argent
Happy Birthday! It is a bit late as I have been away from my computer. Wishes you many more. Blessing and together in the oneness. Juan
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Happiest of Birthday to you. Wonderful to see your smiling face. Wishes of joy and love.
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from Seattle
Happy birthday Kenji! Thanks 🙏 for providing the activations for healing for us during this time. So very helpful! Enjoy your day!!! Ching
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Laraine Hutchinson

from Quakertown.Pa.
Happy Birthday Kenji
May your days be filled with love,
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Michele Duggan

from Auckland
Happy Birthday Kenji – I still love how deep I can go with your meditations. You are a light in the world.
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michael Shapiro

from Los Angeles
Happy birthday, Kenji! Thank you for being your gifts into the world. 🎈
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Vanessa Keating

from Ojai
Blessed Solar return to you!
We all celebrate the day you arrived on this earth!
Gratitude for how you share your light and loving support in such a wonderful way.
May you celebrate and be celebrated in all the ways you enjoy most 💖
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Happy Birthday Kenji! Many blessings to you. I have listened to you for many years now. You are incredible. I love your sense of humor. A lot of healers are so serious. Thanks to you and your “Comedy Team” for keeping it fun.
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from London, Ontario, Canada
A very happy Birthday to You! Gratitude for all that you Be!
Coreyanna and Lynn
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from Santa Barbara
You are a great healer for our time. You are without ego and full of goodness. I love you and I love your work. Bless you always Kenji.
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from Hilo, Hawai’i

Hey Kenji,

I AM knowing that your day was overflowing with Supreme Divine Love, Ecstatic Joy, family, friends and Sweet Surprises!!!

As you know I am usually right on top of getting your birthday card to you, as my birthday is a day after yours. In fact, I am writing this message to you on my birthday because this is the first year of the past six or so that I did not send a card, My deepest apologies.
However, as your work has put you in the public eye for the past 20 years or so, mine has not yet begun.

I am certain that your day was filled with lots of recognition from family, friends and followers. May your new personal year be the same!!!

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from Orlando
Happy birthday! I am so grateful for you and all that you do! The world wouldn’t be the same without you in it. I hope you’re day was filled with love and miracles!
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from Belgrade, Serbia
Happy birthday Kenji. You bring light in my heart. I love your work and your sence of humor. You are so special in so many ways. You inspired me to become energy therapist and I am so happy doing that. Thank you!
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from Surrey
Dear Kenji Kumara,
I wish you glorious day of life celebration .
Health and all the best comes to yours life .
Thank you for been light in my life.
Always From My Heart
With My Love
Natalia Blazeniakova
Surrey ,BC
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from Valencia
Happy birthday dearest Kenji..you and your work have impacted my life deeply and I am grateful for that. I hope that we will meet again sometime. Meanwhile all my very best wishes for a great and happy new year of your life. Blessings . Davida 🌟⭐🌟⭐🌟🙏🙏🎉🎁❤
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sheila gale

from Sedona
Thank you for playing so fully in this lifetime. KK you are 1 of my best friends and I truly love youYou’re the Brother I never had. I love your humor, I love all you are doing for humanity, and I love that no matter the distance, we are connected in our hearts. May this new year be the best one yet! Happy Birthday Angel!! Love Sheila xxxx
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from Beverly Hills
Happy Birthday Kenji! Sending you all the love and light back to you that you have shared with us over and over. Thank you for being such a beautiful gift to the world! Much love and gratitude!
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from UK
Happy Birthday!!🥂🍾🎂🌈💫🥳🌹🙏
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from Sydney
Beloved Kenji
May you know directly the rainbow reach you have extended – may it boomerang back YOUR way AMPLIFIED with the love of myself & the love of ALL others you have also touched, moved, carried, comforted, uplifted, accompanied, held, supported, encouraged, taught & inspired. I wish you joy that resounds a laughter so visceral it immaculately wipes away any residue of tears or pain from any moment passed that has suppressed your innate glee. Bless this very personal new year and all years you are bestowed. Know you are loved. KNOW It. Your heart may it be your reality now. Much is yours to celebrate expanding with you & your devotional intent. I wish you this & more. I wish you to be gifted Your Divine Relationship this very year.No more waiting no more yearning. Happy Birthday K.!! Don’t be shy in your personal birthday asks.hehemake ‘em Count! With my love & that of Sydney & Oz & the Cosmos-MaryZ XXX
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Happy birthday ! Many goodwishes and you rock my dear !!!
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from London
Happy Birthday Kenji! Sending love and blessings to you on your special day. #CuddlyCancerians rule!
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from Johannesburg South Africa

Thank you beautiful soul for your guidance and sharing your beauty with me and the world.

May you have time to dance with the faeries xxx Happiest wishes!!!

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Barbara G

from Mesa,Arizona
Thank you Kenji for your wonderful Quantum lightweaving course. and Happy Birthday wishes to you. I hope you have a wonderful weekend in celebration of your birthday.
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Marija Bozic

from Ljubljana/Slovenia
Dear Kenji, your meditations have been with me since your first call with Sheila and have become a very important part of my journey. Your honesty, sincerity, tenderness and warmth are amazing and deeply healing. I am soooooo grateful for you, wishing you a happy birthday and sending you a million hugs
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Afsaneh Peck

from Laguna Niguel
Happy birthday Kenji. I love love love you and wish you many many more birthdays to celebrate with health and joy. I’m sure the angels are singing happy birthday to you up there just like the day you were born. Keep shining.
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from NY
Happy Birthday Kenji! May God Bless you today & always for all your good works! Hope your day & year are fabulous !!
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from Calgary

Happy Birthday Kenji, hope you had an amazing day. Wishing you many more. 🎂🎉🥂

Love & blessings 😘

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from Santa Rosa
Happy Birthday Kenji!! Many blessings and love sent to you today and always.
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Colette B

from Quincy
Sending Natal Day blessings your way, dear one, via the Quantum so they arrive yesterday. Hehehee. Thank you so much for choosing to incarnate and share your gifts, Kenji! My life is expanded and enriched because of it. Lots of love and light! XoX
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from Santa Monica
Loved the Miracle Healings with Mother Mary Zoom last Saturday.
Happy Blessed Birthday!
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Sybil Barbour

from Kitchener, Canada

Happy Birthday Kenji!

Love, hugs, and many Blessings!


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from Albuquerque
Happy Happy Birthday Kenji! I hope your day has been a joy! Sending you love, light, hugs and big Love!!! Thank you for being you!
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Julie Packer

from Auckland New Zealand
Happy birthday Kenji – make lots of wishes and have an amazing day filled with love. Your work is incredible – I have listened on and off since hearing you on the Sheila Show all those years ago. Even though I’m hardly one of your best customers I have often recommended you to people and I mean it when I say you are the best! Thank you thank you thank you for all you have done and for keeping me sane when the s..t hits the fan – as it is has quite often!
Bless you and may all your wishes come true. With great gratitude.
Julz, NZ
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Helen Sakellarides

from Norwich
Happy Birthday Kenji
Lots of love your way..
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from Dallas Area
Kenji, I am so glad you were born and you are here with us! Happy, happy birthday! Thank you for the difference you have made in so many lives. Your work came to me in 2013 after the death of my only child. Your work was instrumental in my rapid healing and moving forward in my life at that time.
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from The Eternal Here and Now
Dear Brother,
Place your hands on your heart. Take a deep breath. Feel the love and appreciation from all those you have touched, healed, inspired, and “held the space” for. Bring to mind your most deeply desired wish and then ride that Quantum Wave of All The Love to Source. So be it. Much love. Happy Birthday, Kenji! Alice
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from Westport CT

🎶Happy Birthday to you
We appreciate all you do
Your more like an angel
God spent extra time when he made you.🎶😊💜

We love you Kenji and hope you have the BEST Birthday and BEST year EVER!

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Thelma Fitzgerald

from Chicago
Love and joy on your birthday.
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Diane Ashby

from Ottawa Canada
Many blessings dear Kenji.
Happiest of birthdays! And many more.
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Patricia Parker

from Kenosha
Happy Birthday blessings to you. I am so grateful for your gifts you share to make us and the world a better place for all. You have helped me in countless ways. Thank you!
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Pamela Miller

from Ramona, CA

Sending wishes for a very
Happy Birthday,

With many blessings,


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Happy birthday Kenji. I hope you have a wonderful day!
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ellen buehler

from Lees Summit
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from Black Mountain, NC
Thinking of you on the day of your birth! Blessings!!!
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Norman Brown

from Koh Samui, Thailand
Many Hugs for your Birthday my friend. Enjoy! I wish you a wonderful year!
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Sandy H

from Sun City
Happy Birthday Kenji – Thanks for being on the planet and sharing your awesome/beautiful gifts with us!!!
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Cody Thorsson

from Boynton Beach, FL
While I have yet to have the privilege of meeting you in person, I can’t think of another soul who I’ve depended on through so many of the trials and obstacles of the past 7 or so years. I remember listening to your first appearance on ‘You Wealth’ with Darius. Its amazing to see how you’ve grown and flourished over the years. I hope the coming years bring you continued success and reflect just how much you mean to all the lives you touch with your work! Thank YOU
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Missy Seeley

from Tustin
Happy Birthday Kenji! I hope you had a wonderful day with some yummy food and beautiful day outdoors! 🙂
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Kay Randall

from Moorhead MN
Happy Birthday Kenji!! I hope you have a magnificent day!!
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from Ottawa
Blessings to you, Kenji. So grateful to you for your work -for anchoring the light and being of true service. May you be blessed with abundance in all areas of your life.
Happy Birthday!
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from Brisbane
Much love & blessings on your bday & always! Thanks for being YOU!
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from Australia Newcastle
Happy Birthday Mate you have helped so many today is our turn love and lift.
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peggy morrow

from Salt Lake city
Birthday blessings to you Kenji..
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from Greensburg. p;a
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from Greenfield
Happy Birthday! Hope it has been a great one.
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from Sydney
Dear Kenji, wishing you the happiest of birthdays today! Keep smiling, Nicole 🙂
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from Mesa
May your day flow with grace and ease. May you create many moments of love, peace and joy. I rejoice you came to earth your piece of the puzzle of heaven on earth is greatly needed. Your light has touched my life deeply. May you shine brightly for all to see.
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from cold lake
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from Toledo
Happy Birthday, Many Blessings!
Don’t forget your “Birthday Wish!”
Debra Gerrie
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Susan Steffens

from Benicia
Dearest Kenji, beloved Kumara! Happy Birthday to one of the brightest Lights on the planet! 🥳 🎂🎉Wishing you every blessing on your special day & throughout the coming year!🙏🏻💜
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from Waikoloa

Happy birthday to you!

I’m so glad you have had two!

Born in a body, born of the Spirit

Happy birthday to you!!

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carol deegan
Happy birthday, sending you love, light and many blessings 😀🙏🏼⚘🦄🍭🎂
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from Essex Junction
Happy Brtday Kenji, I hope you enjoy your special day!Thank you for all you do, you have help me grow in so many areas of my life. I am so grateful. Sending you love and light. Love, Donna
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Yelena and Michael Faktorovich

from Framingham MA
Dearest Kenji,
Wishing you today and always feel all the Love and appreciation from everyone around you! You made a huge difference in our lives and meeting you personally in Sedona was a remarkable experience for both of us. Our relationships grew to a completely different level afterwards. Thanks to you!
We are so grateful for every single activation we did with you and believe me they were numerous through all those years since we have heard you first almost 10 years ago and fall in love with your kind words, tremendous wisdom and powerful energy you project!
Big hug and gratitude to the best teacher and Master of the game! We love you!!!
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from Arden
Wishing you a very happy birthday! Blessings today and always.
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from Finland
Happy birthday, Kenji! And thank you for all you do for others. You are very loved, always remember that.
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from San Diego
Happy Birthday my brother,
Wishing you so much joy, happiness and health!!
Blessings to you!!
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from Sweden
Happy birthday Kenji. Greatful for your work for humanity.
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Michael Irvine

from Hamilton,Canada
Happy,Happy,Happy Birthday To You Kenji Love & Light be Yours Thank You for being my Friend.
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Tracey Enright

from Manchester UK
Happy Birthday Kenji
Have a Wonderful day
Thank You for everything you do 🌸🦋🍰🍸🎂🍾🙏
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from Trinidad-Tobago
Happy Birthday Kenji! You are an amazing Lightworker. I appreciate your presence in the world. Namaste
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Jurate Gattini

from New York

Dear Kenji,

Very honored to know you and call my friend. Wishing you much love, joy, and new adventures and discoveries! Big hug,


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from San Diego
Happy Birthday Dear Kenji!!! X0
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Lourdes Maria Torres

from Del City, OK
Kenji. there is no one like you. We celebrate you today and always!
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from Saundersfoot
Hi Kenji! Have a blast and a big happy Bday!
We will get you to Wales to give you a proper Welsh welcome and who knows a Collie dog even! 🙏💃💕
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Dear Kenji,

Wishing You the Happiest of Birthdays, yet!
May your calm and love radiate out across the earth. May all of its inhabitants feel deep inner peace and self-love. May they continue to evolve beyond their wildest dreams receiving miraculous assistance, guidance and Divine Grace.

Quantum Blessings & Grace to you,

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from Knighton on Teme UK
Happy birthday Dear Kenji.grateful for you..much love Helen and Dorah the border collie! xx
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Kelly Rafeedie

from Morgan Hill
I love your work. I hope to take a live class in the future. Happy Birthday.
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Fran Miksits

from New York

A VERY Happy Birthday Kenji!
The energy you share with us is so amazing! Thank you!!

Hope you have a wonderful day!

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Meg Smith

from Mobile AL, soon to be Asheville, NC
Happy Birthday, Kenji! I am so grateful to have met you at the Red Shoes in Baton Rouge years ago and to have recently reconnected with your work. Thank you for all of the Light you channel and anchor onto the planet. I look forward to attending some of of your events or sessions live in the coming months.
Much love,
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Amy and Pearl

from Evanston


We both send our love and wishes to you on your birthday.

May all the gifts you give be received and may you receive the gifts from sharing the gift of you so fully!


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from Carrboro
Beautiful Birthday Blessings,
Kenji! 🎉🌟❤️🎈🎈💫
Thanks so much for all that you are/be and all that you share and facilitate to keep us all connected to the High Watch!
Much Love from Carrboro, N.C..
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from Finland
Happy Birthday Kenji!
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from Seattle
You’ve been an inspiration to me and my community in so many ways may you have a happy always.
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Myra South

from Oregon City
Happy Birthday Dear Kenji❣ May this most beautiful day begin the best year ever for you. Keep on being the Great Light and Big Love that you are. ❤❤❤
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Dearest Rocket Man,

Thank you for being such an ageless and timeless gift to our chaotic world. You bring peace to our garden of life. We love and appreciate you. I hope your day, week, and year radiate back to you all the internal and external wealth and abundance that would enrich your life!

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from Missoula
Your activations always help ground and calm me. Happy Birthday!
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from Missoula
Kenji, I am so grateful to know and work with you. There are moments almost every day when I think of some teaching or idea I received from you. Happy birthday! Keep on rolling!
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Elizabeth Paul

from Dundee
Many Happy Returns Kenji and many, many more to come Lots of Love, Elizabeth XXX
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from Maui
Kenji Many birthdays blessings for you today and always. I was wondering why you left Sedona.
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from Johannesburg
Happy Birthday Kenji thanks for touching my life in a special way. Namaste
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Samita Goswami

from New York city
Your meditation came as a beautiful surprise today JUST WHEN I asked universe.
You are a blessing at this time on Mother Earth!
Happy Birthday!!!
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from Wakefield
Our time in Tucson was illuminating for me in many ways. Great group and with your support a good deal of who I am and the path I am to take has rippled forth. Thank you for all you do and my gratitude blessings and love are sent to you often. Hope you have the Happiest of Birthdays.
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Rose Riojas

from Irvine
Wishing you a lovely birthday. May love and abundance follow you all the days of your life!🎂🧁🎉🎉.
I’m so thankful to you🥰
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from Pembroke Pines Florida
Happy Birthday
I love and appreciate you so much for all the knowledge of
my true diivine being.
Love and Light
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Valerie Donner

from Walnut Creek

Happy, Happy Birthday, dear Kenji. I hope it’s a great one and that you get to eat your favorite things.



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Kimberly Trefz

from Harleysville
Happy Birthday Kenji 🎉 🎈 !!!!!
You are truly a treasure 😎
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Happy Birthday Kenji! My life has changed for the better because of what you offer the world. May peace be with you and the planet!
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I only recently found you, but you have helped me find peace. Enjoy your latest sun cycle. Namaste.
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Kenji ever since the first time I listened to your activation, I was hypnotized by your energy. It is a delight and I look forward to many more activations. Blessing on your day of Birth.
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Thank you Kenji for all you do. Happy Birthday!
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Ingrid Fischer

from Jaffrey, NH
Happy B’Day Kenji, and thank you for your contribution to our world.
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from Reisterstown
Best wishes to a brilliant lightworker on his birthday! Dear Kenji, thank you for your Light, your Love, and your infectious Laughter! Blessings and much gratitude! Happy birthday!
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Happy Birthday,Kenji, wishing you good health ,and many Blessings, Enjoy your day.
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from Genoa, Italy
Happy birthday Kenji! Wishing you joy and light on your special day. Thank you for all you do!
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Maggie Skiba

from Pahoa, Hawaii
Enjoy your day, Kenji. You’re a blessing to us all. Thank You so much for your being ness ❤️🎂🥳
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Karyn Goff
Happy Birthday, Kenji! Sending lots of love!
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Debbie Barry

from Mount Coolum
Happy happy birthday Kenji
Have a wonderful day blessings to you
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julia tindall

from sacramento
Happy Birthday dear kenji! Thank you for bringing so much light into the world and for all the healing you offer..
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Aimee Moore (La Posa)

from Oceanside, CA
Wishing you all the best your heart desires on your Birthday, Kenji.
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Congrats! Happy birthday! Have a very nice day!
Thanks for all your support.
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Happy Birthday, Kenji!!
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Happy blessed birthday Kenji❤️🙏
Thank you for being you
God bless you
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Happy Birthday Kenji! Thanks for being an inspiration to me and so many others 🙂
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Donna Hill

from Western Canada
Happy birthday beautiful Kenji. May this day bring many wonderfully fullfilling blessings. There aren’t words to express the healing and wisdom you’ve shared over the years and how they’ve impacted my journey. My life has been amazingly and powerfully blessed and healed in so many ways. I am grateful for your Divine light showing and clearing way for me and so many others. I love you Kenji. Dude, keep on truckin’ Donna Hill, Quantum Energy Practitioner
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Kenji Kumara

from Asheville, NC
Hi ya’all. Blessings to all of you and much gratitude for following the work and supporting my business. We are doing very well now. Come visit anytime. – KK
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Vera Varshavsky

from Pasadena, CA
Dear Kenji, You are The Gift to everyone and everything !!!
Lets You be Blessed with every breath, every step You make, every person You touched and help, every flower You look at!
Lets You be always surrounded by Love, Joy, Peace, Light, Harmony, Amazing people and adventures, Beauty of Nature!
Live long and happy life,doing what You Do The Best!
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Nancy Di Giorgio

from East Longmeadow MA
Happy Birthday and many more. Wishing you great love actualized this year and forever in great gratitude for your wisdoms you have shared..
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from Genova Italy
Happy Birthday Kenji . Love you
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from St. Peters, Missouri
Happy Birthday Kenji! I’ve loved your activations for several years now. You make the world a better place!
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JaiShree Mogi Naidoo

from Johannesburg, South Africa

May the Divine who guided you throughout your childhood to bring forth your gifts to all of us as per our Divine Appointment bless you Infinitely to Eternity on this your birth-anniversary.

I AM humbled I AM grateful I AM blessed for the mammoth shifts in consciousness that has taken place ever since I heard you on Deborah Poneman’s talk show in 2011. I cleared out practically all of my inner stuff by going within using your activations and often get glimpses of the truism, “Be Still and KNOW ‘That’ I AM!!!”

With infinite gratitude for your honouring our Soul Contract on this Sacred Day of your Birth,
Many Blessings for the Blessons,

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Debra Erickson

from St George
Kenji! What can I say but Bless the Day you were born!!!!! I have travel to the angelic realms, astral planes, glorious Devine universes and back. I come back home to the comfort of my home lifted to new heights, heart opening, awakened! Ready to go out into the world and make a living difference to all mankind, nature, elementals, and the moon, stars and sun. I love you! I bless you! And I thank you! Shanti Shanti Shanti
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Christine Glenn

from Victoria, BC
Happy Birthday Kenji. I celebrate the gift of you in my life and I trust you are having a Onerderful day. I love you with all my Heart.
Love and Peace and Infinite Blessings,
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from Helsinki
Happy birthday Kenji Kumara. Blissful Returns. Enjoy
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from Kingston, ON
Happy, Happy Birthday Kenji!🎉🎂🎈 Thank you for all you do for us individually and for the world at large. Love your Activations. If I can’t get to sleep, they sure will knock me out😴 Best wishes from Canada. Sending smiles across the miles as well as Light, Love & Laughter for the year ahead!💖😊💖
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from London
Happy birthday!!!
Thanks 🙏 for serving humanity💙🙏💜
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Debi Keller

from Tucson
I wish you the most wonderful day ever!!
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from Butler PA
Happy Birthday Blessings to You!!!
Health, Peace, Contentment and Joy!
Much Love,
Sheila Welker 💕💫🙏🏻😇
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from Hoodsport
Your mediations take me to places beyond words. Where the experience , journey and knowing are all together in oneness.
Thank you
The healing sends ripples across the universes, through the realms and Echo’s into other dimensions bringing light to all.
Happy Birthday
May the pathways above you, below you, in front of you and behind, around and within all be well and truly blessed
Again, thank you for being you.
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liz lin
Happy birthday, Kenji! Wishing you the very best of everything life and the divine has to offer. Thank you for all you do in this world. Much love!
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from Claremore, OK
Thank you so much for the beautiful light your activations have woven into my soul and life! May your birthday and the year to come be filled with light, love and laughter!
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from London
!! W0W have a WONDERFUL wonderful birthday !!
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from Phila PA
Forever young. Many, many more.
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from Edmonton
Happy Birthday! Your work started me on my journey. Thank you for all you do. We share the same date for our birthday’s. ❤️
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Eleanor Healy

from Vancouver
Happy Birthday Kenji! I’ll never forget how you passed my name onto all your contacts and recommended me to the telesummit hosts a few years ago. This action changed my life! Thank you so much for seeing my potential and for believing in me.
Have a blessed day!
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from Chisholm
Thanks for leading the way with your light. Light shines an awareness that is so much needed in today’s world.
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Juhi Shahin

from San Jose
Wish you a very happy birthday, Kenji!! May the best of everything come this year and all the many years to come. Thanks so much for your wonderful work! You have enriched so many people’s lives, certainly mine.
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Renee Allarie

from henderson
Happy Happy birthdayTons of Love and Light sent to you
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from Albuquerque
Happiest of birthday’s Kenji. Thank you for the gifts you generously share with the world. I am so grateful for you! May all beings know peace.
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Matti Heinaekari

from Turku, Finland
Happiest Birthday Ever With Highest Vibrations All Year and Years to come!
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Evelyn Brown

from Nanaimo BC Canada
Love and many blessings on your birthday Kenji. I have been a big fan since we were at the Portland Oregon Intensive in 2012. I am so happy you are still following your bliss and growing every day. We are all the better for it.
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Gillian Shaw

from Federal Way, WA
Happy Birthday Kenji! You helped me very much in the early days of my awakening, your meditations were the best! I had many many audios from events that you did. It was always my intention to come and learn from you in person but my path took a different turn. I changed email addresses and lost contact. Today your Happy Birthday email was mysteriously in my inbox?! I just bought your abundance meditations 10 years on from when I started quantum lighyweaving with you. I moved to the US from the UK last year and plan to meet all the teachers who changed my life, i hope our paths cross soon. Until then I Bless your Precious Heart and wish upon you the awareness of the incredible gift that was brought to this reality on the day of your birth. May you have an extraordinary day!! Much Love Gilluan xxx
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Sangita Bholanath

from Delft, The Netherlands
Many Happy Returns of the day.!
Happy Birthday Kenji!
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from Madera Ca
Happy Birthday Kenji, I was so excited to come and hang out with you while you lived in Sedona, I had listened to you for many years and had first heard you speak on Sheila Gales show your activations have such a profound effect on me, many Blessings Dear One have an Awesome day!
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from Prairie Village, KS (a suburb of Kansas City)
Dear Kenji,
I first heard you when you did an internet radio show with Jennifer, and have been listening to you all these years since then. It has been wonderful to have your work in my life. I’m so glad I found you! I hope you have a lovely birthday, and I wish you many more. Thank you for all you do for so many!
Love and blessings,
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Zac Bertone

from San Diego
Happy B-day Kenji. Thank you for everything you do!
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from jackson nj
Happy Birthday Kenji and wishing you many blessings to always come your way! You have always inspired me and I have always loved your way of expressing the deepest things through playfulness and how you always include the animals in your activations. Much Love to you!
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from Citrus Heights, Calif.
Happy Birthday Kenai! Much love!
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from Nanaimo
Happy Birthday to one of my most cherished teachers on the planet:) You helped me change and grow in ways I could never have done with any other guidanceThank you and Bless you each and every day!
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from Zürich, Switzerland
You helped me to walk through the portal into a new reality/world which I am eternally grateful for. All my love is shared with you, beloved Kenji
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Pearl Sztain

from Calgary AB Canada
Wishing you and your family and friends and with all our spiritual container happy line of ascension into our new reality!!
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from Long Grove
Happy Birthday Kenji! Thank you for all you do. Your work has been incredibly helpful and inspirational to me over the years. Have some cake and enjoy!
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from Bondues France 🇫🇷
Joyeux anniversaire 🎈🎂🎉 Kenji
Thank you to be in my Life
Wish you the Best in your life
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Nina Rogers

from Steamboat Springs, Colorado

The happiest of birthdays to you, dear Kenji! I hope the Universe showers you with blessings today and always!

You and your lightweaving have meant so much to me over the years. Through listening to your activations and webinars I can *almost* understand what the quantum means. There is such peace and empathy in your voice and your words, and even though I fall asleep whenever I listen to you, I always awake with more clarity and joy.

Thank you for you!

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from Nottingham UK

Happy birthday Kenji

Much love

Roberta 💞🥰⭐️⭐️💕

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Melinda Anderson

from Golden, CO
Happy birthday, dear Kenji! We are all so blessed by your presence on the planet. Thank you for helping me to continue to upgrade to a better and more loving version of myself and gifting me with ways to make a difference on this planet. Lots of love to wonderful YOU!
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from North Kingstown RI
Dear Kenji, I have known you many years. Happy Birthday to you on this fine new day. Very grateful for the many moments I have had an opportunity to listen or see you share your true self, always uplifting and introspective for me Thank You for Being. Laura
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Lisda Buijtendijk

from Palmhurst TX
Happy B-day to you Kenji. I want to thank you as thru the first medication program I got from you, I was able for the first time in my life to let go tons of resentment, anger and feelings I was never been able to recognize and better yet, let go. THANK YOU ! MANY BLESSINGS FOR YOU.. LISDA
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Jessica Phillips

Hi Kenji,

Happy birthday! Hope you have a good day.

Thank you

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from Atlanta
Bright Blessings on your Solar Return Kenji!
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Carol Jaffe

from Delray Beach
Dear Kenji, Wishing you a Happy, Healthy, Blissed Out and Blissed In Birthday! May the Comedy Team be at their Finest Today!!!!!!!
With Great Kindness, Love, and Happiness,
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from Singapore
Kenjisan, wishing you lots of love, fun and laughter.
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Kathie Bray

from Edgewater
Wishing you a wonderful Birthday!
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from Henrico
Happy birthday Kenji.Lots of love
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Penny Berlin

from Blackheath, Blue Mountains, NSW Australia
Dear Kenji, lots of love and good wishes for your 74th birthday!
Thank you so much for being on the planet and giving us your wonderful work. It has made an incredible difference to my life.
I hope you have wonderful year and may the Comedy Team pop ;into your head and out through your mouth as often as possible!
Love Penny
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Ayelet H. Zimmermn

from a small village near Carmiel, Upper Galilee

Dear Kenji,
Did you know that whenever I think about you, I smile?
This is because I truly love you.
For you are a gift to all of humanity from heaven.
Happy Birthday,

from Ayelet Hashachar

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from Orleans Ma
Happy birthday Kenji
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Carol Whitney

from San Francisco
Happy Birthday Blessings to you. Keep shining bright!
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from Sacramento
Happy Birthday Kenji. Wishing you a beautiful and happy Birthday.. Wishing that your birth day will be joyous as you bring so much joy with your work to the world. Happy Birthday.
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Jill Barreto

from Ballston Lake
Happy Birthday! I hope your birthday is magical and amazing. Thank you for all of the good that you do.
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May a life brings a lot of joy to you, Kenji!
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from Bucarest
Happy birthday ,dear sir !
For many years my life is more miningful , happy and balanced .
I also had the opportunity to change others life by sharing your wisdom with others .
I wish you many wonderful years !
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from sandy
Happy Birthday Kenji! You have been a blessing to my life with your deeply moving meditations! Namaste.
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from Eskilstuna
Happy Birthday Kenji! Thank you for your support and shower of love. My life has been easier to sustain with your guidance. Thank you! Hope you have a lovely birthday. Lots of wishes from Sweden
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Marie Evans

from Scarborough, ON

Happy Birthday,

You have helped me for over 10 years, now you should have something that can help you.

Maybe another year of great satisfaction of a job well done and receiving the appreciation of your good works.

Marie Evans – Canada

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Linda Dolph
Hi Kenji,
Wishing you have the Happiest of Birthdays!!!
I have had such amazing experiences through your activations. I love the Angels with dump-trucks for recycling energy and request them when I do Shamanic Guided Energy Medicine. I also got to see an image of my next precious, thick furred, black cat with 2 propitious runes nearby. I have rocked and rolled with energy and done deep clearings through your work. I am most grateful to you! Blessings for your year and onward. My Best, Linda Dolph
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from Taichung, Taiwan
Happy Birthday Kenji! Thank you for sharing your Light! Many more happy birthdays to come!
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from Pasadena
Happy birthday JBG! Have a groovy day celebrating the love light and fun of ypu😊 much great love, Gma
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from Madrid
Joyeux Anniversaire Kenji!
You are a very special and important guide on
my path. very wise and transmitting so much positive thinking! Thank you Kenji for being part of my life!
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from Potsdam , Germany

Thanks to kenji was able to recover from an bruised rib.

3 days and boom healed.
Since then i was buying His programs , and kept evolving.

Thanks for your amazing Work.
And Happy Birthday

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from São Paulo – Brazil
Kenji , Happy Birthday !!
God bless you today and always . Thank you for being a bright light in our lives ..
Best ,
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Dearest Kenji.
Very happy and joyful birthday to you. I attended a very meaningfull workshop with you in 2016 (I think) in Sedona, I look forward to come visit you in Ashville.
Thank you for your teaching. Many blessings to you.
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Deborah Neely

from Cape Coral, FL
Have a Magical Birthday, Kenji! You are a bright light in this world!
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Via Virnot

from Brussels
On your special day, I wish you a wonderful spiritual luck. I hope this amazing day will fill up your heart with joy and blessings. Have a fantastic birthday, celebrate the happiness on every day of your life. Happy Birthday, dear Kenji, and many more happy returns of the day! Blessings, Via
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Samira Notta

from Mississauga
Happy Birthday Kenji!! I’m also a fellow Cancer 😊. I wish you the happiest of days and that blessings continue to be showered on you. You are such a kind and giving soul and I am so thankful to have found you in my journey!! Your activations are so powerful and have helped me release so much!! Thank you for being our Earth Angel! Have a wonderful day! Sending you lots of love and blessings, Samira
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Ancelina Williams

from Barbados
Much love and blessings on your birthday.
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Jill Blackwell

from Scottsdale
Happy Birthday!!! Thanks for your important, beautiful, and life giving work!!! Love everything about you! Hope you have a fun celebration and a joyful year!! Sending love and thanks!!!
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Debra Illingworth

from Flaxton QLD Australia
I am fairly New with Kenji but have purchased some packages on different Call Shows. I really like your energy Kenji & I just love your work, It resonates with me really well I hope you have a GREAT DAY on this YOUR one special day of each year. Sending much love from Sunny Queensland, Australia A BIG cyberspace Hug all the way from Australia & we look forward to working our way through some more of your awesome on-line courses in the times ahead! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Kenji Kumara. You are a bright light in a sometimes dark place. May God Bless & fill your day with loved family & friends. Love & Blessings from Deb & Colin xx
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from Sedona
Happy B’Earth Day beloved brother! Wishing you a joyful and magical year ahead filled with abundance and laughter! May all your birthday wishes come true! Miss and love you!
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gini alter

from brooklyn ny
QUANTUM light and love to you on your birthday!
You are an amazing healer and teacher. I am honored to know you and to have studied with you.
Many blessings for the healthiest happiest year ever!
All love and gratitude,
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from Germany

Happy Birthday Kenji. 🎉😊🎊💐🌹🍰🎁
Have a great celebration.

God bless

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from Dallas
🎉Wishing you a wobderful day celebrating YOU🎉
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Rose Booth

from UK
Kenji I want to say HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUI LOVE YOU!! You live in my Heart and I could never repay you for all the miracles you have worked in My Life over the last 8 yrs or so.I wish more than anything I could share this special Day with YOU in person !!! however you spend the Day please feel all our love Kenji.from your Tribe all over The World.Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy! so much Love and Light..and a MUCH LOVE!!!
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from Sedona

Words fall short.
How to describe the describeless.
A story, perhaps.
SomehowI ended up at your home in Sedona, as you hosted Someone to channel Something. You were a generous host and very humble.
Little did I know that you would later impact my life so intensely.
Somehow I ended up responding to an email of yours . . . And now I am part of Kenjination!
How blessed I am to be counted as one who receives the countless blessings that you give to so very many on our planet . . . maybe more!

We are both in our 7th decade here, so we’re doing pretty good on this plane’s roller coaster.

Today is Your Day, and I know that I am only one of many who are grateful that you came in when you did, so we can Be with you.

I am here.
I am now.
I am
In Earth jargon,

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from Saskatoon
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Love your work & humor!
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Saskia van Kooten

from Amsterdam the Netherlands

By listening to the activations I experience more calm, self-confidence and self-love. At other levels I also experience subtle changes.
Kenji I am very grateful for the work you do! You are amazing!

Happy birthday and I wish you all the best!



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from Toronto
Happy joyful birthday Kenji: your voice, energy, strength and passion has been an anchor for me for several years, giving me the push and strengthening my hopes as I journey through this earth school. Blessings !
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from Tasmania Australia

Many Blessings to you on this your birthday Kenji! I hope you have a wonderful day.

Love and Light.

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from Sedona
Wishing you the happiest of Birthdays Kenj..thank you for being the bright light and master you are, Blissings!!!
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from Fleming Island Fl
Happy Birthday Kenji! May your day be filled with Love, Light, Laughter and Peace.
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from Port Charlotte
Hi Kenji I know your birthday will be beyond the beyond amazing! You’ve touched my life in more ways than you’ll know since Kenyon Ranch back in 2013. I do the protocol almost everyday and to everyone I feel needs it. It always helps. Sending you big quantum love!
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from Commerce Twp. MI
Happy Birthday
Many Blessings to you!
You have been an inspiration to me and many on this planet and recently the importance of ‘I am here, I am now, I AM’ my mantra through these trying eventful long-awaited changing times.
Much Love, Light, Peace, Health and Joy!
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Renata Bacic
Dear Kenji,Happy i Birthday with love and apprentice for your support for years.🌹♥🍓💝🦄
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Johnna Thurston

from Tulsa
Happy birthday Kenji! And many more!
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from Raleigh
Happy Birthday Kenji!
May your day be filled with joy, laughter and love.
I am truly grateful to have ben to learn and grow with you for many years!
Thank you for the light you bring to this universe!
Happy Birthday!
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from Sydney, Australia
Dear Kenji,
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday filled with love, joy, peace & many blessings, and may the years ahead bring you all that your heart desires and more. Happy Birthday! 😘💕🥰🌈🍰🧁❤️🌹🎂💕
Kenji, I feel blessed that I first heard you on Sheila Gale’s Show way back in your early days on her show. I continue to be blessed as I get to experience your profound work monthly through my QL membership & through the many other programs that I have purchased to assist me on my exciting spiritual journey. Thank you for the beautiful Divine being that you are and all that you do to assist humanity.
Love & many blessings,
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from bELGIUM
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from Wilmington de
Happy birthday!!
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from Orlando
Happy birthday Kenji!
Sending much love and warm wishes.
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Peggy H

from Brooklyn NY
Happy Birthday Fellow Cancerian! (I’m on June 30th😊) Dear Kenji may God Bless you complete joy, love, and happiness on this day and everyday to come. Kenji you have been my go to during these difficult times during the pandemic. Your activations keep me from losing my mind and to stay sane. I keep hearing you say in my mind « This life is only a millionth of all the lives that you will live. » God sees what you are doing and approves ! Thank you 🙏 from behind the heart😊 Enjoy your birthday!!! – Peggy H
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Blessed Beings Kenji, today and throughout the year
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from New Zealand
Hari huritau ki a Kenji.
That’s a Māori birthday wish to you.
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from Jakarta
Happy Birthday to you Dear Kenji
Wish you a very long and healthy life. You bring soooooo much joy and happiness to everyone who connects with you. I am eternally grateful for all the help I have received from you over about 8 years. Lots of love
Rimi Joy Jakarta
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from Downpatrick
Happy Birthday Kenji, wishing you the best Birthday ever!!
I thoroughly enjoy listening to uou and your activations are awesome-thank you–much love and blessings to you and the Bliss team 😊💗🎂🎉
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Carol Jokinen

from Brantwood
Happy birthday, Kenji! Thanks for all your help.
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Janet Holterman

from Sussex WI
Have an awesome day, Kenji! Thanks for all you do for us.
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Tammy Routley

from Red Deer
Happy Birthday Kenji!! May your day ROCK with unbelievable joy! The kind of joy that is shared across the planet and with the ones who help us, our guides and beings, may the tides of time whirl around you in a dance of bliss and may the rest of your days with all of us on this Beautiful Mother Earth be spent in conscious uplifting of All. May your days be as Blessed as you make them for all of us! Much Love, Divine One, Much ❤️ Love
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from Cincinnati
Happy Birthday dear one!
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Blessings brother
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from East Quogue ny
Happy happy birthday Kenji! ❤️ Miss you and hope all is wonderful! Thank you for all you do and the light you keep shinning and sharing with this world! have a great day & hopefully I’ll get to come visit soon! Xoxoxo
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Stephen Hamilton

from Buffalo
From 1 moon child to another. Congrids as we get older and wiser .We can fulfill our dreams. of happiness and love. Happy birthday Kenji
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Alice Bonython

from Adelaide South Australia
Hi Kenji
Have a wonderful day, on your special day! I really loved your activation you did on your call with Kimberly & Mother Mary.. I felt beautiful relaxing energy throughout. It was a good speed for me too, not too fast!
Many Blessings
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from Oakland Park, FL
Happy Birthday Kenji! May you be blessed beyond measure!!!
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Oshana Kumara

from Asheville
Happy Blessed Joyful Peaceful Awesome Birthday🎂 I am so happy you moved to Asheville 😊 May this birthday year be filled with Miracles,Grace, and lots of Fun! Enjoy🌈🎈🎉🎁🦋🌺☯️💙🌅☮️
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mary Spain

from London
Happy Birthday, Kenji! And much gratitude for all the wisdom you bring to my life.
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Lise Wandscher

from Swanton, Ohio
Happiest of Birthdays and many blessings!
You are indeed a gift to the world.
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Aisha Z. Shael

from Columbus

Happy Birthday, Kenji !! I celebrate your life !! You are truly an Ascended Master whose teachings, wisdom, and love have blessed my life. And last week, my personal activation lifted me to a higher frequency and empowered me to move to a state of love I have never experienced.

May your day be blessed with love and joy !!


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from Paris,france
Happy birthday Kenji!
I haven’t been in contact with you for some time but I am now!! I love your energy, your story what you have to offer and you!
À bientôt!
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from Ghent
Hip hip hip happy birthday, Kenji! 🥳🍀✨ and many thanks for your support and for being who you are 💖🥰
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from Cedarville, Ohio
Happy Happy Birthday, Kenji🎊🌈🌺
Sending many blessings & love your way. Thank you for all you do & your giving spirit🥰
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from Leicester UK
Have a super duper day, filled with joy and love 💕
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sacha thoman

from Whitby
Happy Birthday Kenji !! You are so wonderful , Thank you for all that you do , you have been keeping me aligned and centred and growing spiritually for so many years . Sending you so much love and gratitude , have an awesome lovely super high vibe day !!
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Gnana Uruthiren
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